AMD Fusion Details Leak

Subject: Shows and Expos | August 4, 2008 - 08:07 PM |

TGDaily has some interesting information on the upcoming AMD Fusion launch plans and how they have changed since we last heard from AMD on them.

Taipei (Taiwan) – AMD pushed Fusion as one of the main reasons to
justify its acquisition of ATI. Since then, AMD’s finances have changed
colors and are now deep in the red, the top management has changed, and
Fusion still isn’t anything AMD wants to discuss in detail. But there
are always “industry sources” and these sources have told us that
Fusion is likely to be introduced as a half-node chip.  

appears that AMD’s engineers in Dresden, Markham and Sunnyvale have
been making lots of trips to little island of Formosa lately - the home
of contract manufacturer TSMC, which will be producing Fusion CPUs. Our
sources indicated that both companies are quite busy laying out the
productions scenarios of AMD’s first CPU+GPU chip.

Source: TG Daily