Your CPUs ability to provide food for your Crossfired HD6850s

Subject: Processors | December 3, 2010 - 12:28 PM |

You have purchased a pair of HD6850's for setting up a Crossfire system, but as you are trying to build a powerful but inexpensive PC you don't want to double your budget with a high end Core i7 CPU.  Tweaktown set out to see what varying the clock speed on a Core i7 would do to the performance of several popular new games.  In some cases you do indeed see performance scaling but in others it falls more upon the GPU than the CPU, making the value of purchasing a Core i7 960 questionable.

"We’ve recently tested the HD 6850 in Crossfire and loved the performance it offers. What we love more, though, is

the price. If you’re paying out $400 for a video card setup the chances are you’re not putting over double that on

the CPU, which is something we completely understand. So what we’ve done today is grabbed our 980X, disabled a

couple of cores and started testing performance at a number of different speeds. Sure, more CPU is better; but how

much better? - What kind of CPU should you be buying for a setup like the HD 6850 in Crossfire."

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Source: Tweaknews

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