Sandy Bridge performance preview leaked out early

Subject: Processors | August 27, 2010 - 03:27 PM |

It was bound to happen, really.  Anandtech has posted a very in-depth preview of the upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge architecture that includes benchmarks of an engineering sample they "located" somewhere without Intel's blessing.  But who cares, right?  Let's see what the numbers are telling us!

The Core i5-2400 used in this test is still an early sample, and as such the results might not be indicative of final performance.  This 3.1 GHz processor will not ship with HyperThreading enabled later this year but the early samples had it enabled for motherboard vendor testing.  CPU performance is compelling in that it offers a noticeable performance increase over currently existing products at similar price points if Intel sticks to the leaked roadmaps that we have seen over the past few months. 
Probably more interesting is the updated integrated graphics that gets a very dramatic redesign from previous Intel CPUs.  In Anandtech's testing the single core version that resided in this i5-2400 sample was able to outperform the low-end of discrete graphics like the AMD Radeon HD 5400:
This is definitely an article you should be reading if you have any interest in what Intel will be offering you early next year!!
Source: AnandTech

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