The Rev G, more than just a shrinking core

Subject: Processors | May 25, 2006 - 01:35 PM |

Rev G Rumor Mill

"The extra hardware in between the L2 cache and the data cache is likely
an out-of-order L2 read/write buffer that expedites data neeeded for
execution. The large bank on the other side of the data cache would be
the logical placement for an out-of-order load/store buffer. This
prevents cache misses from waiting on Stores to main memory. The extra
complex decoder was spotted by a poster on some website. It was the
first feature that caught my eye. This shot is definitely not of K-8.
Given the layout of the additions, their functions can be inferred."

Click here for an animation of the comparision.

By superimposing a picture of the new rev G core overtop of the older F core, Brian has discovered that there is more to this processor than just a smaller core.

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