Potential Intel roadmaps leak out - show all of 2009

Subject: Processors | September 12, 2008 - 03:41 PM |

This post over at techPowerUp! actually was posted last week but I just came across it and thought it was worth a post.  The original images surfaced from Japanese website PC Watch but the good news is that roadmaps are pretty universal. 

What is interesting about this roadmap is that it indicates that the Bloomfield product will enter into the Extreme, Performance and the top level of the Mainstream and will remain there only until the middle of 2009.  After that, Performance and Mainstream will be overtaken by Lynnfield, the Nehalem-based processor that does not use QPI for communications at all.  Does this give NVIDIA's claims that NOT making a chipset for Bloomfield was the smart move to make?

It is also at the half way mark into 2009 that we see Nehalem making its move into the rest of the many markets Intel has defined going all the way down into the Value segment with a Havendale dual-core 2.x GHz part. 

For 2010 the roadmap shows Westmere hitting as early as the first of the year; this is a new 6 core 12MB L3 part that look to over take Bloomfield/Lynnfield pretty quickly.

Details on each core as seen in this diagram above.  Intersting information gained is that all of the Bloomfield parts will have a TDP of 130W - regardless of their clock rate.  The Lynnfield CPUs will have a more reasonable 95W TDP while Havendale will keep it under 95W even with an integrated GPU core. 

Lots of great information in these image for sure!

Source: techPowerUp!

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