Just how fast can a Bobcat go

Subject: Processors | November 16, 2010 - 01:10 PM |

It has been a bit of a wait but we finally get to report on
the performance of AMD's new Brazos platform
.  It is the AMD E-350 1.6 GHz APU
that is up for reveiw, against other low powered mobile CPUs like Intel's SU2300 CULV, the Atom D510
and the new VIA Nano DC.  The results are an interesting mix, perhaps made more so by some results in Sandra that hint at some changes needed to be made to the benchmark.  In other cases we saw Intel's CULV+ION platform using more than twice as much power at idle and 30%
under loads compared to AMD's new APU.  That may translate to laptops that have useful battery lifespans beyond 10 hours.

"Let's tackle the issue of performance from a component stand
point. The dual-core Bobcat processor in the Zacate APU from AMD is
much faster than the dual-core HyperThreaded Atom D510 processors and
is about on par with the performance of the Penryn-based dual-core
Celeron SU2300 CULV part. Obviously the in-order architecture of the
Atom CPU family is starting to show its age and I have to wonder if
Intel doesn't have something else up their sleeve to compete with the
obviously fundamentally better design of the Bobcat core."

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