Intel Unveils 16 New 32nm Processors

Subject: Processors | September 5, 2011 - 09:52 PM |
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Intel today released a price list which included 16 new 32nm processors. The new additions fill in gaps in the Celeron, Pentium, and Core product lines. The new additions are then further broken down into the desktop and mobile camps. On the desktop front, there are four Celeron models ranging from $47 to $52, three Pentium models ranging from $70 to $86, and four new Core i series processors ranging from $127 to $177. Within that range, there are three hyper-threaded dual core Core i3 part and one quad core Core i5 processor.

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The mobile additions include one low end and four high end models. On the low end is the dual core Celeron B840 at 1.9GHz with 2 MB L3 cache and 35W TDP. On the high end are four Core i7 chips. The Core i7 2640M is a $346 part and is a hyper-threaded dual core chip at 2.8 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache, and 35W TDP. The Core i7 2760QM is a hyper-threaded quad core part at 2.4 GHz, 6 MB L3 cache, and a 45W TDP. As another 45W TDP part, the Core i7 2860 QM is also a hyper-threaded quad core at 2.5 GHz with 8 MB L3 cache. The highest end mobile chip addition is the Core i7 2960XM, which is a hyper-threaded quad core at 2.7 GHz, a 55W TDP, and 8 MB of L3 cache.

As you can see, there are quite a few new additions filling out the product lineup at various price points and performance segments. See the chart below for the full list and specs.

  Processor Clockspeed Cores/Threads L3 Cache TDP Price
  Core i5-2320 3.0 GHz 4/4 6MB 95W $177
  Core i3-2130 3.4 GHz 2/4 3MB 65W $138
  Core i3-2125 3.3 GHz 2/4 3MB 65W $134
  Core i3-2120T 2.6 GHz 2/4 3MB 35W $127
  Pentium G860 3.0 GHz 2/2 3MB 65W $86
  Pentium G630 2.7 GHz 2/2 3MB 65W $75
  Pentium G630T 2.3 GHz 2/2 3MB 35W $70
  Celeron G540 2.5 GHz 2/2 2MB 65W $52
  Celeron G530T 2.0 GHz 2/2 2MB 35W $47
  Celeron G530 2.4 GHz 2/2 2MB 65W $42
  Celeron G440 1.6 GHz 1/1 1MB 35W $37
   Core i7-2960XM  2.7 GHz  4/8  8MB  55W  $1,096
   Core i7-2860QM  2.5 GHz  4/8  8MB  45W  $568
   Core i7-2760QM  2.4 GHz  4/8  6MB  45W  $378
   Core i7-2640M  2.8 GHz  2/4  4MB  35W  $346
   Celeron B840  1.9 GHz  2/2  2MB  35W  $86


Source: Tech Connect

September 5, 2011 | 11:37 PM - Posted by Alphacheez (not verified)

I think the Celeron G530T is 2.0 GHz rather than 3.0 GHz

September 6, 2011 | 01:21 AM - Posted by Tim Verry

Hmm, yeah maybe there was a typo on the site. It doesn't really make sense that it would be a 3 GHz part when the G540 is only 2.5GHz. I'll see about verifying it. Thanks for the heads up!

September 6, 2011 | 01:22 AM - Posted by Tim Verry

Looks like you're correct, I've updated the chart. Thanks :)

September 6, 2011 | 12:09 AM - Posted by cyow

I did not know they where still making the Celeron, Pentium rage of CPU.

I have see any in the desktop for the longest time.

why would any one buy one when the i3/i5 are only around $50 to $80 more and way better?

September 6, 2011 | 01:24 AM - Posted by Tim Verry

I don't think any DIYers would. I think the lines are mostly still around b/c OEMs use them in pre-built systems. The Core series is definitely a better choice for DIYers, especially when they have a microcenter near them :)

September 6, 2011 | 06:45 AM - Posted by Deznil (not verified)

i saw this in google + good topic, am thinking aobut buying a new cpu with in 6 months, it will be intrestting to see how low they will go vs AMD parts. i have a 3.2 X6 core black and it was 280$ new a year + ago. this box might be a home theater unit before long.

if the war goes well and prices drop i might buy a intel if they match AMD prices. I am more waitting on AMD new vidio cards before i build. Yet i am looking at the intel bords with a built in SSD acting as a 20 to 60 GB cash. i wonder whats next from intal

September 6, 2011 | 06:47 PM - Posted by AParsh335i (not verified)

It would be so fun to build a cheap gaming computer with one of these pentium dual core CPUs but, correct me if im wrong, they basically can't Overclock at all right? This really takes a lot of fun out of Celeron and pentium without overclocking.

September 7, 2011 | 02:45 AM - Posted by Tim Verry

As far as I know, there are no "K" equivalents in the Pentium and Celeron lines, so while you might be able to push the bus speed up a few mhz, in a practical sense.. no you can't overclock them.

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