Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7/i5 CPUs and MBs already for sale

Subject: Processors | December 16, 2010 - 12:40 PM |

If you live in Malaysia at least.  According to these photos from website, several Intel 2nd generation Core processors and compatible P67/H67 motherboards from ASUS are on sale at local shops. 

Image from
This image clearly shows the retail packaging for the upcoming Intel Core i7-2300, i7-2400 and i7-2600 processors for the LGA1155 processor socket.  Obviously Intel is shipping product out early and some companies are breaking the embargoes; go figure right?

Image from
There are apparently several ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards at the same store using the P67 and H67 Intel chipsets so not only can a user get the CPUs but they can complete the platform and get a Sandy Bridge system up and running today!

Image from
The reseller in question in Malaysia has a price listing here as well and you can see that they match the previously expected price points. 

Just to be clear, yes we have these very motherboards and processors in house but we aren't allowed to really talk about them until the CES time frame.  Meanwhile, YOU can go and buy them; local markets depending. 

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