Intel Atom processors and platforms facing delays

Subject: Processors | April 29, 2008 - 12:23 PM |

According to an article over at Electronista, Intel is having problems providing as much as 50% of their Atom orders with actual product.  If this is the case, it could be an opening for VIA's Isaiah architecture to really move into the market and win over some of these high-value OEMs. 

Intel has encountered a supply shortage that will prevent it from fulfilling more than half of the orders for its Atommobile processors in the next month, according to a report in the Taiwan newspaper Apply Daily and .
Less than 40 percent of the semiconductor firm's requests are
purportedly being met and, as a result, are expected to delay or hurt
the rollouts of micro notebooks from a number of new entrants to the
field, including from AcerDell.

Though unnamed, Apple is believed by many to be readying handheld devicesbased on Atom, which bridges the gap between strictly mobile processors
such as the ARM chip in the iPhone and standard notebook processors.

The shortage may prove to be a benefit to manufacturers such as ASUS
and HP, both of which have decided to at least temporarily use non-Atom
processors for their own micro notebooks. Current versions of the Eee PC 900 are known to use Celerons to let ASUS offer the system ahead of rivals, while the HP Mini-Notecurrently uses a Via processor to meet its power needs without waiting
on the Intel chip. Both are ultimately expected to produce Atom-based
versions in the future.

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