Getting the most out of the i5-9600K

Subject: Processors | November 30, 2018 - 06:34 PM |
Tagged: Core i5-9600K, overclocking, Intel

For just under $300 and offering decent performance at it's stock clocks of 3.7GHz and 4.6GHz Turbo, the i5-9600K is an attractive chip for many looking to build a new system.  However, by overclocking it you can get even more bang for your buck, which is exactly what [H]ard|OCP has been looking into.  They attached a RX480 V3 Radiator, and D5 Photon Reservoir/Pump Combo V2 to cool the chip which let them hit 5.25GHz perfectly stable with some noticeable results.  See the settings they used as well as some tips in their full review.

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"The Intel Core i5-9600K Processor will likely hit the the sweet spot for a lot of desktop PC enthusiasts and gamers. We have a solid 6-Core count with a Turbo Boost clock of 4.6GHz coming in for right around $270. What kind of overclock will the new 9600K CPU support and remain 100% stable?"

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Source: [H]ard|OCP

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December 2, 2018 | 08:53 PM - Posted by Godrilla

X570 says hi.

December 2, 2018 | 11:47 PM - Posted by LappysNeedMoreBandwidthThanPCs (not verified)

PCIe 4.0 is needed on laptops more than it is needed on Desktops so hopefully Raven Ridge/Zen-2 APUs mobile and desktop will also be getting the same PCIe 4.0 ability.

Laptops need that doubling of PCIe bandwith for USB 3.2 and its 20 Gb/s of bandwidth needs. It looks like TB3 will never be coming to AMD so USB 3.2 will have to do for laptops with Zen-2 APU's inside. DDR5 memory also would be nice to have for laptops and PCs. So PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 DRAMs are on track for introduction on consumer devices starting sometime in 2019.

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