ARM TechCon 2013 Will Showcase the Internet of Things

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This year at the Santa Clara Convention Center ARM will host TechCon, a gathering of partners, customers, and engineers with the goal of collaboration and connection.  While I will attending as an outside observer to see what this collection of innovators is creating, there will be sessions and tracks for chip designers, system implementation engineers and software developers.

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Areas of interest will include consumer products, enterprise products and of course, the Internet of Things, the latest terminology for a completely connected infrastructure of devices.  ARM has designed tracks for interested parties in chip design, data security, mobile, networking, server, software and quite a few more. 

Of direct interest to PC Perspective and our readers will be the continued release of information about the Cortex-A12, the upcoming mainstream processor core from ARM that will address the smartphone and tablet markets.  We will also get some time with ARM engineers to talk about the coming migration of the market to 64-bit.  Because of the release of the Apple A7 SoC that integrated 64-bit and ARMv8 architecture earlier this year, it is definitely going to be the most extensively discussed topic. If you have specific questions you'd like us to bring to the folks at ARM, as well as its partners, please leave me a note in the comments below and I'll be sure it is addressed!

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I am also hearing some rumblings of a new ARM developed Mali graphics product that will increase efficiency and support newer graphics APIs as well. 

Even if you cannot attend the event in Santa Clara, you should definitely pay attention for the news and products that are announced and shown at ARM TechCon as they are going to be a critical part of the mobile ecosystem in the near, and distant, future.  As a first time attendee myself, I am incredibly excited about what we'll find and learn next week!

October 28, 2013 | 01:37 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Well they are arguing fast and furious over at The Tech Report, but no one posting there has yet to mention AMD's future ARM based products. Apple Introducing an in house designed 64 bit CPU based on the ARM instruction set, has started the race to 64, for all the ARM holdings ecosystem partners! A number of tech websites appear to be sending people to the ARM TechCon event! I hope that PCPer as well as other sites can obtain the benchmarking tools to be able to compare these new ARM 64 products, especially the Apple, and future AMD HSA based CPUs based on the ARM 64 instruction set! Apple and AMD getting in to a race with the ARM 64 instruction set can only mean good thing for mobile users, and low end laptops/chromebooks/Linuxbooks that will utilize these new and future CPUs. AMD's GPU tech mixed with ARM 64, will give Apple some much needed competition, and do not forget that Nvidia will probably be in this race too, or any company that licenses Nivida's GPU tech and creates CPU with Nvidia graphics! Intel will be hard pressed to compete with these ARM based AMD/Nvidia products, in the mobile market, and the Low cost/end laptop/chromebook/Linuxbook SKUs that are in the works.

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