AMD is avoiding the heat in Carrizo

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While it is utterly inconceivable that Josh might have missed something in his look at Carrizo, that hasn't stopped certain Canadians from talking about Gila County, Arizona.  AMD's upcoming processor launch is a little more interesting than just another Phenom II launch, especially for those worried about power consumption.  With Adaptive Voltage and Frequency Scaling the new Excavator based chips will run very well at the sub-15W per core pair range which is perfect for POS, airplane entertainment and even in casinos.  The GPU portion speaks to those usage scenarios though you can't expect an R9 295 at that wattage.  Check out Hardware Canucks' coverage right here.

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"AMD has been working hard on their mobile Carrizo architecture and they're now releasing some details about these Excavator architecture-equipped next generation APUs."

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February 24, 2015 | 08:19 PM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

5% IPC gain. Roughly 35% more than Phenom.

HAHAHA, sorry, still can't get over that, lel.

February 25, 2015 | 04:16 PM - Posted by Coupe

Most of Intel's gains have been 5-8% IPC gains per cycle.

But yea notice 35% more than Phenom not Phenom II.

February 25, 2015 | 06:21 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

But do not forget, AMD's better graphics, at a reasonable cost, Intel's graphics just is not there, and what little there is of Intel's "High end graphics", cost a small fortune, and is not included on Intel's mobile SKUs. AMD is innovating in the low power market, and planning for more than just x86, and its ecosystem, there will be a Custom ARM based K12, engineered to run the ARMv8a ISA, and hopefully some stiff competition against Apple's custom A9 offerings, AMD will have its HSA aware Armv8a custom K12 microarchitecture and Graphics technology working together in 2016, and could very well offer those OEMs, without access to Apple's or Nvidia's in house chip design teams, some much needed help in mobile SOC competition for the tablet side of things. Where is Denver, Nvidia, one SKU, and now its gone?

The jury is still out on just what the Arm holdings reference design A72 will ultimately bring to the table, but Arm Holdings needs to supply a wider order superscalar reference design core(at least 6 IPC). Expect Jim Keller's k12 design team to at least be a wider order superscalar design, and maybe SMT capable. Jim Keller talks a lot about cross pollination of design ideas, among the K12 and Zen design teams. For sure Imagination technologies MIPS 64 bit offerings mentions an SMT option, for licensees, and Both Nvidia and AMD need to watch closely the PowerVR wizard GPU, with the built in Ray tracing circuitry.

Not so much on the RADAR, as of yet, is just what the Openpower Power8 licensees/customers will be doing over the next few years, Tyan is already shipping licensed "Merchant" power8 based systems. For sure those server SKUs form Intel/others will have to come down in price. IBM is out of the chip fab side of the equation, and there will be the third party "merchant" design licenses funding future Power8/power9 designs from IBM via OpenPower. There will be other OpenPower users, but IBM needs to offer less restricted licensing and other options if it wants a third party market for Power8 to prosper*.

*"A Peek Inside IBM's Merchant Power8 Processors"

March 15, 2015 | 06:29 PM - Posted by P0ci (not verified)

Waiting for the forbes expert to give his expert expertise on why amd is so horrible with his trolling...........

Thank you Ryan for banning me and not him, all I have done is help on your forums, yet Im drunk over one little PM to the fool and you ban me? Yet I visit forums about once week and what do I see, Jethy butting in where HE DOES NOT BELONG TROLLING.

Is that not against forum rules? One thing is saying ones opinion, but his latest argument with ducky shows this guy will never stop.
And ducky knows even more then me hes a linux guru.

Jethy face it, your horse analogys and your forbes articles mean nothing. Your just mad cause we can play any game maxed out 4 year old mobos. As for office work Id love you to show me a blind taste test like I showed you once and AMD owned lol

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