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EVGA offers a trio of boards to pour your Coffee into, the EVGA Z370 Classified K, Z370 FTW and an mATX Z370 Micro.  You can take a peek at the differences between the boards below, however there are quite a few things they all have in common.  The motherboard power connectors have been positioned to make it easier to work in confined spaces, on the mATX model they opted for a 90 degree angle with a cut out that should fit in even the tiniest of cases.  All will have at least a pair of Optane compatible M.2 ports, support for memory frequencies up to DDR4-4133MHz and perhaps even higher and reinforced PCIe and memory slots.

Take a look at the specifications below (click to zoom and enhance) as well as the highlighted features in the PR.

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October 5th, 2017 - Introducing the EVGA Z370 motherboards, based on Intel's Z370 Express Chipset and 8th Gen. CPUs. These motherboards are built to take mainstream performance to the next level...and beyond. This lineup includes not only the most commonly used ports, slots, and components, but also many surprises. All EVGA Z370 boards include cable cutouts to make tight fits and cabling a concern of the past. These boards also feature metal-reinforced PCIe and DIMM slots, 2-Way SLI Support, multiple RGB headers*, M.2 slots, Intel or Killer Gigabit NICs, and switchable dual-BIOS. Your ears will appreciate Realtek's upgraded 7.1 Channel audio or Creative's Sound Core 3D Audio for superior listening and gaming performance. No EVGA motherboard series would be complete without overclocking support: the Z370 Classified K and Micro are both designed with an 8-Phase VCore design and an external clock gen. to provide more power and stability to your everyday life. Make an EVGA Z370 motherboard part of your next PC and find out just how powerful your system can be - starting from the core.

Intel 8th Generation Core i7/i5/i3 Coffee Lake-S Processors - Discover the power of a 6 Core/12 Thread processor for the first time on an Intel Z-Series motherboard!

Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready - Accelerate your PC with Intel’s latest solutions for blistering fast boot times and increased performance for gaming and everyday tasks.

Reinforced PCIe and DIMM slots - Use today's latest, greatest...and heaviest graphics cards and memory and still have Peace of Mind Gaming.

Dual BIOS chips on all EVGA Z370 motherboards - Easily switch between BIOS configurations to use a custom BIOS, troubleshoot a problem, or fix a failed BIOS update!
Optimized power connector layout for cable management - All EVGA Z370 motherboards feature a new layout for some power connectors to avoid compatibility issues with cases and tight spaces.

Killer DoubleShot™ Pro* - Killer DoubleShot™ Pro helps you maintain your network performance while gaming or streaming, so you won't miss any part of the action.

Integrated HDMI 2.0* - The EVGA Z370 Classified K features an HDMI 2.0 port to allow 4K gaming or streaming at 60fps with supported Intel HD Graphics.

External Clock Generator** - The EVGA Z370 Classified K and Micro feature an external clock generator to improve overclocking stability and increase your overall performance.


Source: EVGA

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October 6, 2017 | 10:50 AM - Posted by vyvyvv6565898 (not verified)

EVGA needs to stop making motherboards. These boards are unattractive, lack PCI-e slots (top end classified should have 4 and use a PLX chip), and probably have a terrible BIOS.

October 7, 2017 | 02:31 AM - Posted by Hakuren

Obviously you have never used EVGA motherboard, otherwise you wouldn't talk nonsense.

Except TR4 board Zenith all other I have are EVGA X99, Z97, X58, yeah and one n680i for 775 too. I wouldn't trade them for the World in terms of stability. Most reliable platforms ever.

EVGA has problems with getting board to the market (like X299) - its not company usual MO - but when boards are out these are best to buy, not to mention absolutely unbelievable EVGA support (even replaced my ESD-dead board and one burned by lightning).

Want attractive but useless piece of silicone - go MSI. Beautiful ... expensive... paper weights.

October 7, 2017 | 11:17 AM - Posted by vyvyvv6565898 (not verified)

Was the X79 classified disaster nonsense as well? The board was so bad that Newegg changed the product sku just so they could delete all of the bad reviews and try to sell that piece of junk to unsuspecting buyers.

I have owned EVGA boards, and I ended up sending the X99 classified back. The bios was horribly immature, and no where near where the Asus X99 Deluxe was. It's no secret that after X58, EVGA lost a lot of talent and their bios reflects that.

Compare EVGA's Z370 Classified K to their own Z270 Classified K, they actually went BACKWARDS in terms of features. No right angled 24 pin connector, no U.2 port, less SATA ports, from triple BIOS on the Z270 to double on the Z370.

Their customer support is top notch but I wouldn't use their boards at gun point. If you read EVGA's own forums, a lot of those die hard EVGA fans are using boards from other venders as well. lol.

July 9, 2018 | 04:04 PM - Posted by magnusfl (not verified)

EVGA does have it issues but what other company have option of a 10 year warranty and People have said a 10 year warranty is a waste are living in the past when Moore law was in full swing but now more laws has seriously slowed down as from the 8086 to 286 to the 386 to 486 were massive jumps the Pentium, was the next jump but after that the jumps became smaller and smaller as by the 4th gen of the Pentium I7 still rates
Gaming 112% UFO
Desktop 86% Aircraft carrier
Workstation 62% Destroyer
my new EVGA board of course will be faster but mostly due to the motherboards improvement and in 8-9 year with my new build board dies there will unlikely have any of my boards left so i get a better one so even if it needs a new chip that a lot less expensive

October 7, 2017 | 05:19 PM - Posted by RH (not verified)

EVGA are really going backwards with their motherboard designs .
Yes their mobos are some of the best when it comes to stability , yes their customer service is legendary but man they need to step up their game in the design department for sure !

October 9, 2017 | 03:20 PM - Posted by Gikero

I think EVGA did a great job with the aesthetic design of these boards. They're clean looking. Like what a good motherboard would look like if you stopped right before you started adding all the RGB features. Not a fan of the shroud, but it isn't egregious either.

December 5, 2017 | 08:49 PM - Posted by K.C. (not verified)

Agreed. Aesthetically, these boards are the best looking Z370 boards in existence. Other company's boards: Gigabyte, Asus, MSI look like hot garbage. Way too many jarring angles, colors, and graphics. These companies need to reign in their obviously untrained, horrid designers and get back to basics. Motherboards from these major Taiwanese manufacturers have been sorely butt ugly since around Z77 days. Thankfully (at least for the most part) eVGA hasn't fallen victim to this soulless, ugly board design arms race.

October 10, 2017 | 09:55 AM - Posted by Anonymousg33 (not verified)

ugly as fuck

March 11, 2018 | 08:49 PM - Posted by magnusfl (not verified)

double bios is nice backup triple is a bit over kill which next to no gamer or desktop user care about and the reason that no U.2 ports on the coffee lake is the video channels are just 16 for your video card in sli it 8x8 but if your stealing 4 channels 2 U.2 so you
start serious bottle necking your video cards but with M.2 raid zero with 2 NVMe 960 512 you take 8 SATA channels for a killer 1 terabit c drive so less that the reason for less SATA connectors

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