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If you missed the live event, you can watch the replay with Colin and I right here to learn about the new Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 and Z77N-WiFi!!

On Sunday September 9th at 3pm ET / 12pm PT, Gigabyte will be at the PC Perspective offices doing a live event to show off some new products as well as answer any questions our readers and viewers might have.  It will all be happening on the PC Perspective Live! channel so be sure you are there later today to participate and possibly win some prizes from our friends at Gigabyte!

Just last month Gigabyte announced the release of the flagship Z77X-UP7 motherboard.

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This motherboard features a 32+3+2 power phase technology, Ultra Durable 5 components, an all digital PWM, support for 4-Way graphics configurations and a very unique Direct Link PCIe x16 slot for maximum bandwidth. 

The GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 motherboard delivers a serious amount of power through its 32+3+2 power phase design (32 CPU phases, 3 Intel® HD Graphics, 2 VTT phases). With the industry’s highest phase count, the Z77X-UP7 motherboard is able to share the workload between 32 phases, ensuring lower working temperatures and maximum CPU power delivery.

Featuring the award winning GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 5 technology with high current capable components including 60A rated PowIRstages® from IR, the Z77X-UP7 is able to deliver an astonishing 2,000W of power and at the same time, operate at remarkably low temperatures. This means that even overclocked, water cooled Z77X-UP7 systems are able to provide remarkable levels of performance.

 The GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 delivers the industry’s most scalable graphics platform, with support for both 4-way ATI CrossfireX™ and Nvidia SLI™. Providing PCI Express 3.0 x8 connectivity on 4 slots, the Z77X-UP7 delivers ultra smooth 3D rendering, blazing-fast frame rates and enhanced graphics capabilities for users wanting to get the highest levels of graphics performance from their system.

You can see the full release on Gigabyte's website here.

We will also touch on a new mini-ITX motherboard from Gigabyte as well - you'll definitely want to see this!

Here's where your participation comes in - submit your questions or thoughts on the products in our comments section below and we'll hand out a couple of prizes to two questions that we think are the best!  There is no registration required, so post away and be sure to join us on Sunday at 3pm ET / 12pm PT at to participate in our live event!

September 9, 2012 | 01:59 AM - Posted by Chaitanya Shukla (not verified)

How efficient are the the VRM's used on this boards and are they stable enough to handle high overclocking with a water-cooled setup?

September 9, 2012 | 02:28 AM - Posted by PapaDragon

Looking back at the GA-X58A-OC which my friend owned.. that model had a 4G button that automatically Over Clocked the processor to 4GHz. Worked Perfectly.

What Auto Overclock Speed settings will the Z77X-UP7 have for Ivy Bridge Chips and will it also work for Sandy Bridge Chips as well?

September 9, 2012 | 06:09 AM - Posted by Nilbog

Due to all of the effort and thought that went into the power delivery, what is the average stable overclock and voltage that I can expect from this motherboard with Ivy Bridge?

What real world benefits are there to using the Native PCIe 3.0 lane vs the other PCIe 3.0 lanes. Should I expect to see these benefits while only benchmarking or will it improve my gameplay as well?

Will there be any overclocking benefits for either the CPU or GPU if I'm using the Native PCIe 3.0?

Does this board support 2 cards at full x16 speeds?

How much of these badass features will be on the mini-ITX board?

Will GIGABYTE make a dual 7970 card? hehe

September 9, 2012 | 11:32 AM - Posted by leobiendurana

Based on the features and specifications of the GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7, it is the best all rounder, ATX overclocking motherboard out there.

Now my question is, will you guys release a slimmed down version? Mainly built for overclocking, overclocking, and overclocking alone? Much like the revered GA-X58A-OC's no frills overclocking features? (IE. no bandwidth eating stuffs like the toned down I/O ports?)

Also, I'd like to ask if you'll venture into the mATX/ITX game with overclocking, or highend Z77 motherboards too. That's about it.

I almost forgot. You guys just made a world record for the IB CPUs. But why disable cores? How about the highest clock with all cores enabled? TIA.

September 9, 2012 | 11:53 AM - Posted by KngtRider

* Why does any overclocker or enthusiast need a motherboard that is advertised as being able to deliver "up to 2000W"

* the Z77-UP7 is advertised as "provides System Integrators with a platform cool and stable enough to withstand the rigors of an always-on, overclocked water cooled system for their customers.”
yet the competitors flagship enthusiast has water cooling option built into its motherboard heatsink. For such a high end, expensive board why has Gigabyte not incorporated this feature when they have done so on past boards ?

September 9, 2012 | 01:37 PM - Posted by Douglas (not verified)

How do the features of this motherboard help bring out the best in Windows 8?

September 9, 2012 | 01:42 PM - Posted by slugbug55

I noticed in the specs there is no mention of this motherboard having Thunderbolt ports. With Thunderbolt being such an innovative technology, why was it left off?

September 9, 2012 | 02:09 PM - Posted by Glent (not verified)

Would gigabyte consider creating a minimal or cleanest looking possible motherboard? Case modding and modding in general is a big deal, Modders tend to hide as much wires and mess as possible. Would angled connectors like those used for sata ports, for all connections including power buttons etc be possible.

September 9, 2012 | 02:14 PM - Posted by najirion (not verified)

If I were to choose between Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3 (which is a Z77 chipset motherboard as well) and Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 for some sort of rig competition, what should I pick and why?

As to what I observe in some rig shows and competitions, they are more of a mixture of looks and performance. Right now I'm going with the sniper series for their looks and the sniper's overall "gaming theme" from the etched skull and other features. But it has less power phases compared to Z77X-UP7 indicating that this is a better motherboard for overclocking. Aside from that, why go with orange for the board's color theme? I believe it's one of the rarer color themes for peripherals, fans, leds and rig accessories. I mean this board could have been an addition of the G1 sniper series but its not. So what is gigabyte's best "gaming motherboard" for both looks and overclocking which you can compete with let's say the ASUS' ROG boards, Asrock's Fatality series boards or MSI's Mpower boards?

September 9, 2012 | 02:33 PM - Posted by butch johnson (not verified)

I have the P67A-UD3-B3 motherboard and I was wondering with the newest Bios update UEFI will it have the same Overclock capability and the F9 bios?

September 9, 2012 | 02:48 PM - Posted by RWitts (not verified)

Please can you explain the black pcie slot (pcie direct bus what are the advantages)

The OC touch button is there on screen display or anything or do we use something like CPUID to watch clock’s

The Fuse on USB ports shame its not replaceable

September 9, 2012 | 03:33 PM - Posted by Robert M (not verified)

Can you explain how the fin heat sink works? Is it as effective when the board is already running fairly hot (due to high ambient heat/poor cooling) as a conventional heat sink?

September 9, 2012 | 03:49 PM - Posted by hamiltus (not verified)

I recently bought a GA-Z77-DS3H and I was wondering why it's got 7 standoffs and should I worry about shorting it out on a case with standard ATX layout

September 9, 2012 | 03:49 PM - Posted by hamiltus (not verified)

I recently bought a GA-Z77-DS3H and I was wondering why it's got 7 standoffs and should I worry about shorting it out on a case with standard ATX layout

September 10, 2012 | 04:40 AM - Posted by Anonymouse (not verified)

I can haz?

September 12, 2012 | 10:52 AM - Posted by Denis K. (not verified)

It's very useful for me as a wifi geek that Z77X-UP7 has 2 antennas - this opens a new wide choice of possibilities and wireless experience.
I'm interested in 2 questions:
1. Can Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card inject packets?(it would be great to utilize use such power for pentest purposes)
2. What is the amplification power(dBm) of the antennas?

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