Hello X470, how do you do ... at benchmarks

Subject: Motherboards | April 23, 2018 - 07:58 PM |
Tagged: x470, amd, ryzen 2, msi, x470 Gaming M7 AC, Pinnacle Ridge

The reviews for AMD's new chipset are starting to appear, for instance the MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC over at Guru of 3D. The new chipset brings support for DDR4-2933 and 3200 which is worth the investment for Ryzen chips.  The board supports two full speed M.2 4x PCIe slots, with SATA trimmed down to a half dozen.  Of the eight USB ports only one is Type-C but all support 3.1 transfer speeds according to Guru of 3D.  The single LAN connection is backed up by dual WiFi antenna and there is even optical audio out for those special people who make use of it. 

Check out the overclocking results and the fine details right here.

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"We review the MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC. With the release of Ryzen 5 2600X and Ryzen 7 2700X AMD decided to add a new chipset as well, X470 offers a more fine-tuned experience for your Ryzen processor. And this MSI board, well it is just loaded with features."

Here are some more Motherboard articles from around the web:






Source: Guru of 3D

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April 23, 2018 | 08:23 PM - Posted by NotInThatFormatGuruAdSpaf (not verified)

29 little pages and TM;LP/W-ads(Too Many Little Pages with Ads) to ever rate anything but cliking that litle red X button in the upper right of the window, or the X on the TAB.

Really 29 F-ing pages is a little much when the scroll bar has been around fo just about forever!

April 23, 2018 | 10:48 PM - Posted by BrandonC (not verified)

It's a helpful way to sort information and data. And if you really have a problem work it, take it up with Guru3d.

April 24, 2018 | 06:24 AM - Posted by willmore

It seems completely appropriate for them to mention it here where it can serve as a warning to others who might wish to visit that site.

April 25, 2018 | 12:16 PM - Posted by Rich R (not verified)

Problem is with the OP, in the review itself, there are actually very few ads that AdBlock Plus reports, and none if you have acceptable ads enabled. (Which I always do)

Breaking down by pages is a good way to segment reviews and having a few discrete ads on those pages isn't a bad thing, since the site needs to make money somehow.

Now, comparing ads on a Guru3D article and a PCPerspective article would be a bit of fun. Each page on the linked article at Guru had a total of six ads which looks like blocked social media links and a few in the right side menu bar, otside of the article itself.

ABP shows eighteen blocked ads on the PCPer page. Where they hide them all, I don't know, but ABP also blocks tracking sites, so the Background and up to 17 trackers are all blocked.

I'd be more wary of this site than Guru

April 25, 2018 | 03:58 AM - Posted by malurt

It's rather helpful actually... once you've read a hundred hardware reviews you don't really care about some of the things and you can just skip directly to the page that has the info you care about on it... there's a direct link on every page to every other page in the review. And it has substantial information on each individual page.

Guru3d is not one of the "50 celebrities you didn't know had a sister" type pages that take forever to load and has so many ads that you are in doubt as to what's content and what's an ad.

Stop spreading disinformation. It's not helpful to anyone. Particularly not in a world where hardware sites that can be trusted to provide unbiased reviews are few and far between.

April 25, 2018 | 06:55 PM - Posted by ZombiePCsOfTheScampocalypse (not verified)

None of the hardware sites can ever be trusted to give unbiased reviews as they are all in the mind-share and ad business. So that's no big deal if one is avoided for having too many damn little pages with too many annoying ads.

The PC/Laptop market can only get smaller from here on out as folks get their fill of all this ad/tracking on the internet and corrupt CPU/GPU companies in the x86 CPU/GPU market.

Most Computer Illiterate people are going with using their phones and maybe tablets for most uses and laptops have had enough power for most workloads for years. AMD has less GPU market exposure to worry about than Nvidia but there will be a continued shrinking of the x86 based PC/Laptop market and that will get even worse as Apple switches over to utilizing its own in house SOC/Graphics designs starting with its laptops in maybe 2020 and continuing from there.

Nvidia is sitting on an overvalued market cap and that's going to come falling back to earth if Nvidia can not expand beyond gaming GPUs for the major source of its revenues. AMD is so amall and so underrepresented in the current GPU market that AMD can only expect to gain market share as Apple and others will only make use of AMD's GPU IP in their products currently. Even Intel has taken to using AMD's graphics against both Nvidia's GPUs and AMD's Raven Ridge APUs. So that's one interesting battle for that shrinking x86/Graphics pie.

I can put off any new laptop purchases indefinitely as I have 3 backup laptops in adition to the one that I'm currently using, and all those laptops will be getting Linux OS distros come 2020 if my current laptop with windows 7 Pro(Factory Downgrade from windows 8 Pro) can not be loaded with windows 8.1 to last until 2023. I can sit back and watch the entire PC/Laptop market go down the drain and still be able to do most of what I need to do.

AMD had better be getting its Linux OS house in order for the day when Windows OS becomes Just another cable box like ecosystem and the PC(Personal Computer) is dying in spite of there always being new PC hardware available because of the Proprietary OS ecosystem going full on services oriented with a monthly subscription required to get the full features. Folks who do not pay up will be stuck with windows 10-S and that will be the way it will be, take it or leave it.

Any Real PC hardware will require a Linux OS build for the PC's owner to have full control over their hardware. So good luck with all that new hardware under any Proprietary OS/Ecosystem. The PC will be even more dead come 2020 unless the user does not fear getting their hands in the command line a little more often and gaming under windows 10 will be so locked down that PCs, no matter how powerful, will not be under the control of their owners.

The PC market is shrinking and out of that old frontier ending and being over forever springs a whole new bunch of monetization schemes and unholy alliances of OS, x86 CPU and GPU makers trying to nickel and dime for every last little bit of features added in a rapidly shrinking PC market.

Wait until a few years after 2020 and see just how alive the PC maket will be when those without any real computer skills have to pay for their lack of skills each and every month or be stuck with that windows 10-S mode that will have no real features available unless the user pays for that service to get those features back. The PC will really be dead even with any new hadrware under the Proprietary OS/Ecosystems of 2020 and beyond, the PC will become an undead zombie in the post 2020 world of OSAAS and that's what will be.

2020 will be the year of the Linux OS PC that's fully under its owners control and fighting against the undead zombie Proprietary OS PC apocalypse, if that PC's owner has the skill set to survive.

The Zombie Lords of Redmond will begin to fully implement their nefarious master plan starting in 2020!

April 24, 2018 | 06:31 AM - Posted by Anonymousboredofads (not verified)

Thanks for the heads-up, not going there now for sure.

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