GIGABYTE retrieve announcement for Intel 6-series B2 stepping based motherboards

Subject: Motherboards | February 3, 2011 - 03:21 PM |

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY has received an official announcement from Intel
indicating the Intel 6-Series chipset design error and has implemented
a silicon fix. Please see this link for more information:

As the No.1 motherboard manufacturer, GIGABYTE will make its best
effort to recall boards
that were built on the mentioned chipsets from
our distributors with minimum disruptions.

As of today, we have suspended the entire 6 Series B2 stepping chipset
based motherboards shipments. According to Intel’s production
schedule, the 6 Series B3 stepping Express Chipset will be available
in volume by April. GIGABYTE will then, based on this shipping
schedule, produce new motherboard models with the new B3 stepping.


  1. GIGABYTE has stopped shipping and selling all Intel 6 Series
    B2 stepping chipset based motherboards.
  2. All GIGABYTE Intel 6 Series B2 stepping chipset based
    motherboards are being retrieved from our distributors and dealers.
  3. Any sold GIGABYTE Intel 6 Series B2 stepping chipset based
    motherboards should be returned and accepted from authorized Gigabyte
  4. The new B3 stepping chipset should be available toward the
    end of February. GIGABYTE will work with Intel closely to make the new
    motherboards become available to customers sometime in April.
  5. GIGABYTE will introduce a brand-new 6 Series motherboard
    line based on the Intel 6 Series B3 stepping chipset.

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