Flashing your BIOS for fun and profit

Subject: Motherboards | April 20, 2006 - 06:45 PM |

AnandTech reviews newest BIOS for the infamous A8R32-MVP.  Many people have had many issues with this board, and ASUS has been working with ATI to solve all the probelms.  Check out what to expect when updating your BIOS to 0404.

"The ASUS A8R32-MVP has been a lightning rod of discussion on the Internet since its release over

a month ago. After receiving extremely positive reviews by the vast majority of websites at

launch, the board acquired a somewhat tarnished image within the enthusiast community shortly

after retail availability.

Why the tarnished image? A number of issues surfaced after users had time to utilize the board and

experiment with varying component combinations. Issues ranged from the boards inability to

properly power-up while in an overclocked condition, ASUS applications and Creative drivers not

playing nice together, a humming turning to whining noise when utilizing certain memory modules,

game play lag while online, stuttering in graphic intensive games, random benchmark scores, RAID 5

issues with the ULi SATA controller, poor HTT overclocks with synchronous memory settings.... You

can start to understand the type of issues early adopters faced with this board."

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Source: AnandTech

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