AM-2 Motherboard Mockup from Gigabyte

Subject: Motherboards | March 3, 2006 - 03:42 PM |

It's not a final product by any means, nor is it even a working beta, but it is likely to bear some resemblance to the final product.  TweakTown snapped some shots of Gigabyte's upcoming AM-2 motherboard in Taiwan.

"The pictures you are about to see are of a motherboard which is a 'dummy', meaning it doesn't

work and it is still very much a prototype, as the Chinese characters indicate in this article's

icon at the top (and no I cannot read Chinese characters, yet!). Gigabyte told us that the

motherboard is going to go through a lot of changes (extra features) and maybe layout changes, but

at least you have an idea of what AMD's Socket AM2 motherboards will look like in this single

chipset solution."

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  • Source: TweakTown

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