ZTE Axon 7 (US) Update Available

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It’s been a while since ZTE has released an update for their Axon 7, but it looks like they’re still supporting the device with both security updates and new features. The Android version number is still 7.1.1, but 7.1.2 was mostly for Pixel phones, and it would be a little eager to expect Android 8.0. While all cellphone manufacturers should push security updates as quick as possible, because particularly nasty issues can be exploited within hours of a patch being publicly available, not months, at least they are still doing them at all.

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The ZTE Axon 7 was released a little over a year ago.

The most noticeable update is the multi-user support, which adds a colorful icon to your lock screen. When you click it, you’re able to choose the user to login as, create a new one, or create a guest account. I have noticed that the phone is also significantly more responsive, especially when rotating the display, but they might have just shortened the animation. Either way, it feels a lot faster, which is good, regardless of where that performance comes from.

If you're considering a phone from ZTE, then this should give clues about their intended update schedule. It's not Google-level, but it's at least a year, if the Axon 7 is any indication.

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September 3, 2017 | 10:57 AM - Posted by willmore

Security and feature updates are (or should be) a huge selling point for Android phones. I've had several from multiple manufacturers that were abandoned shortly after launch.

My next phone purchase will be driven by support quality.

September 4, 2017 | 09:39 AM - Posted by anon4242 (not verified)

Exactly; everyone should have this attitude about anything they buy that connects to the internet. (From an IT pro)

September 3, 2017 | 11:03 AM - Posted by OneTotalMessAndroidIs (not verified)

"While all cellphone manufacturers should push security updates as quick as possible, because particularly nasty issues can be exploited within hours of a patch being publicly available, not months, at least they are still doing them at all."

Really Scott, it's up to the carriers' job(In no Hurry) that have to push out the update(Always after the exploits are in the wild) to do after Google/the phone's OEM makes that update available. And even then some folks will not get updates even from their carrier. And security updates should have been pushed over the cellular network and not over any data plan as some people still have the legacy refill/paygo sorts of accounts with no data plan.

That's why Android will never be secure and Google should have taken over the control of security oriented updates for its OS. I had to with my legacy T-Mobile account that came with a feature Flip-phone try and turn off as much Android WIFI/Blutooth and background WIFI/other based scanning as possible in order to avoid security vulrenablities. I had too because the phone that I was forced to purchase to get 3G/4G connectivity was an Android smartphone. And there where no feature Flip-phones available for me to purchase on the market that had G3/G4 connectivity and the GSM connectivity has gone by by, even from T-Mobile as they have taken the best GSM channels for other uses with the remaing GSM channes in use from T-Mobile unable to reach inside my building/apartment.

Android is never going to be safe the way Google left the the OEMs and carriers in charge of Android security updates and until that service comes from Google over some method that does not require a data plan that can be pushed out to all Android phones then it's never really going to be that secure. There are still hunderds of thousands, if not millions, of people that only want a phone for phone calls and maybe text messages and that's all.

There will contine to be thousands/millions of unpatched Android Smartphones because Google/Carriers/Phone OEM will not now provide much in the way of dumb phones for those folks that want only phones for phone calls and not a phone as a fully fonctioning computer, like the elderly who may not know how to deal with that sort of technology.

I'll not be updating my phone because my Legacy Plan will not allow data and that data plan is required to get the updates. And Hopefully I have properly turned of all that background Android scanning as well as disabeling the WIFI because what I really wanted in a phone was a dumb phone that never needs an update because it's only running voice and maybe text messaging and not some unneeded OS functionality.

If Google/carriers/phone OEMs really wanted security they woud have not conspired to force everybody and their dog into the Android ecosystem like the elderly and non-technical folks that are better off with Feature/Dumb phones/flip-phones, but then Google/carriers/phone OEMs could not milk those end-users for profits. I'm danm happy with my legacy pay as you go phone plan and I'll only ever use the smart phone to make and recieve phone calls because that's all I want the phone for.

P.S. I'm not about to download my carrier's spyware onto my laptop in order to get updates to my Android phone that way! As in no way will I ever trust any Android based attack vector plugged into my laptop. Android is inherently unsafe for the elderly or the technically inexperienced to use. As for me I only want a dumb phone that can make and recieve phone calls, but I'm stuck with Android like it or not.

September 3, 2017 | 03:42 PM - Posted by Robert Beier (not verified)

The ramblings of someone uninformed. Although the carriers being in charge of updates was true in the past, it is not necessarily true today. The ZTE Axon pushes out their own updates. I am on Verizon, who doesn't even officially support this phone.

Also, still plenty of dumb phones out there if that is what you want.

September 3, 2017 | 06:01 PM - Posted by DaftBeierNot (not verified)

All the DUMB phones that I heve tried offer GSM connectivity only, because I purchased a new unlocked Flip-Phone but that phone would not work inside my building because T-Mobile took 2 of their 4 available GSM channels(the better channels) that they had available and used them for non-cell phone/NON VOICE related usage leaving the 2 GSM channels with poor reception(Does not work inside my building). Which as I stated does not reach very well inside my building/apartment. So the damn New flip-phone(GSM only, NO G3/G4<--see that: NO G3/G4) did not work also.

But if you can stop your defence of ZTE Axon(your employeer is must be for calling may post Ramblings) long enough, do you Know of any Flip-Phones that offer G3/G4 connectivity on the T-mobile network? Because I'd rather have a flip-phone than any smart phone that runs Android from any maker! I do voice calls only I only need voice service: TO make calls/recieve voice calls.

Android reguires too much maintance compared to a dumb feature phone/flip with a feature-phone dumb OS. And I can not get T-mobile updates on my Samsung ON5 because I have a legacy pre-paid plan that never came with a data plan! And I'm not going to a monthly plan because the Pre-paid plan cost me less than $10 dollars monthly if I do not make much calls(10 cents per min). I do not want a damn computer, I want a phone with an minimal embedded OS/Dumb OS for making and recieving voice calls.

Not everyone besides, You/your employer ZTE Axon/whatever, Google(greedy), and the greedy carriers, wants a smartphone replete with all that damn spyware! Most older folks only want/need a low maintenance dumb phone.

So Start lesting any flip-phone Dumb-Phones that offer G3/G4 connectivity for sale in the US becaues that's not easy to find and all the GSM channels are going ->by by<- in 2020 for T-mobile also, even the 2 crappy remaing channels that T-mobile will be using until 2020 for phone/voice service, that does not work in my building.

I'm never updating my Samsung ON5 and I have all that wifi/wifi sniffing turned off and all the non voice service applications that can be disabled, Disabled.

Android sucks if you don't want or need a damn computer/phone! I have a laptop for that and I want my Phone for phone calls only! BUT NO, Oh how will Google collect its precious telemetry, or the carriers bilk on data cap overages! Oh even 100 year old grandma needs to be tracked and her daily habits Quantified and sold to any and all who would pay.

September 4, 2017 | 09:49 AM - Posted by Alan Carter (not verified)

I was pretty sure the carrier allowed and even provided the bloatware. If its so important for you to have a communication device that has no ability to be exploited. Get 2 cans and some string or a pencil and some paper, because from day one communication is exploitable. Hey here's also an idea, make a foil hat, so Google cant read your thoughts, wait do you have a gas oven? Never mind just keep banging your head against a wall untill something useful comes out!

September 5, 2017 | 03:58 PM - Posted by terminal_addict (not verified)

After the Axon Pro, I will not go with ZTE again, unless they can demonstrate an on-going commitment to flagship device updates beyond one year.

The Axon Pro was released two years ago, and was their flagship. It launched with Lollipop, and received an update to Marshmallow fairly quickly (about 6 months after launch). Unfortunately, that's where it's stuck.

If a company cannot commit to their flagship device for at least two years, they do not deserve anyone's business.

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