Razer shaves a little off the sides on their new gaming laptop

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The most noticeable change on this years version of the Razer Blade is the bezel on the 15.6" IPS display, which is looking rather svelte.  The display is powered by a GTX 1070 Max-Q and is available in several varieties, a 1080p model with a 144Hz refresh rate or a 4K 60Hz option along with a less expensive 1080p 60Hz if that fits your budget better.   The remainder of the internals of the model which TechSpot reviewed were a Core i7-8750H, 16GB of DDR4-2666 and a 512GB Samsung PM981 NVMe SSD.  What do you get for your $2400? 

Check it out here.

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"One of the most popular gaming laptops on the market continues to be the Razer Blade. New for 2018, Razer has refined the design and improved the internal hardware to make it even better than before. With the 2018 Blade, Razer is fully on board with the thin bezel revolution."

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August 9, 2018 | 01:25 PM - Posted by Some7And8point1SupportLoveSVPBothAMDandIntel (not verified)

Also in the Newz(1)! It looks like some windows 7 users(Millions if them that will not have anything to to with that 10 nonsense) has made Intel set up and listen. Now onto AMD with the same Ryzen/Windows 7 support requests also!

AMD you NEED the business, do the same for Raven Ridge Pro Business PC/Laptop APU users because windows 10 is not getting on many users PC/laptops. And that Includes my HP ProBook that came with a windows 8 pro license pre-downgraded to windows 7 Pro at the HP factory. I'll be moving to 8.1 Pro on that Probook when windows 7 goes EOL as my probook came with a windows 8 license that gives me 8/8.1 Pro rights come 2020 to last until 2023 with some TIFKAM fixing third party shell software installed.

AMD It's Best to support 7 and 8.1 until they are officially EOL, and Business PC/laptop users expect business class support. Raven Ridge Pro mobile and desktop APUs are for business, as is any Ryzen Pro CPU, SKUs.

From Anandteh article:

"Microsoft limited support for the latest CPUs on Windows 7 back in 2016, which is why AMD’s Ryzen as well as Intel’s Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and some other chips cannot work with this OS. Meanwhile, Windows 7 defiantly remains a commonly-used operating system both among businesses and individuals who cannot, or do not want to, jump to Windows 10. In a bid to satisfy demand from such users, it would appear that Intel is prepping a special version of its H310 PCH that will enable operation of its latest Coffee Lake processors on Windows 7. ASUS and GIGABYTE already list appropriate motherboards on their websites, but there are a number of catches." (1)


"Intel Preps New H310 Chipset Revision With Windows 7 Support For Coffee Lake"


August 9, 2018 | 01:42 PM - Posted by Some7And8point1SupportLoveSVPBothAMDandIntel (not verified)

Also look at this article(1) it look like they have got ahold of some alien prob IP for that one! That's 138 TBs of probe accessable storage and the article includes a video link. So probe that and give us your take on the matter!


"Probe Memory Packs 138 Terabytes per Square Inch

New automated approach could help make STM probe memory commercially viable"


August 9, 2018 | 02:38 PM - Posted by Anonymously Anonymous (not verified)

too thin, especially for gaming.

August 9, 2018 | 04:54 PM - Posted by LookeHereBoutRRZBoxEnRREmbedded (not verified)

From a Zotac Website news article(May 30 2018) about the latest mention of its Raven Ridge based ZBOX MA551(1).[Note final product is not pictured in the Zotac news article]

So What's up with this RR based product from Zotac and its release? Zotax is still pluggung the device but released when(?), Talk about the waiting for Vega Meme!

"The ZBOX MA551 makes another appearance with final specs in tow. Powered by the all-new AMD Ryzen™ 5 processor with an integrated Radeon™ graphics, it’s still the world’s only next-gen AMD Ryzen™ powered Mini PC." (1)

Also about AMD's Zen/Vega based v1000 Embedded system offerings and over at L1techs Big W is looking at: "Sapphire FS-FP5V EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK"! So That video is up over at Level1Techs with Wendell doing some benchmarks of that device. That's not for individual sale to consumers, though Wendell hinted that he may be interested in doing some sorts of reselling maybe!


2018.05.30 9:00 PM"


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