OnePlus 6T; cheap, fast and well designed?

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The new OnePlus 6T comes with an attractive pricetag, the model with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage can be yours for $579 or double the storage to 256GB for $629.  The main processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with Adreno 630, behind a 6.41", 2340×1080 AMOLED screen.  That screen also has a built in fingerprint reader, the first of it's type for sale on the American market. The 6T is not without a few flaws but overall Ars Technica found the phone to not only be less expensive than other Android devices but also a better product overall.

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"There's a new design with a teardrop camera notch on the front, a bigger display, a new baseline of 128GB of storage, and a bigger 3700mAh battery. Most interestingly, there's now an in-display optical fingerprint reader, which makes the 6T the first US-bound smartphone with this new fingerprint tech."

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November 1, 2018 | 09:48 PM - Posted by jacob

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November 2, 2018 | 07:52 AM - Posted by Anonymous0 (not verified)

It's crazy that this phone looks like it does absolutely everything right EXCEPT losing the headphone jack.

November 2, 2018 | 07:54 AM - Posted by Ananamiss (not verified)

$600 is not cheap.
My Moto E5 Play was $99; that's cheap.

November 2, 2018 | 09:15 AM - Posted by DK (not verified)

starts from $550 and it has the same processor as $1000 phones and it has 1080p oled vs the $750 720p lcd iphone xr ....if u want a cheap phone the $300 Pocophone is great ....and the Moto E5 Play is available only through carriers so without that it won't be $99

November 6, 2018 | 02:50 PM - Posted by Anonymous7 (not verified)

WRONG, I bought my e5 on Amazon.
Also, relatively good value is not the same as cheap.
A million dollar car isn't cheap just because it competes with $2million cars

November 8, 2018 | 02:46 AM - Posted by DK (not verified)

the offers on amazone for the e5 r from $120 to $193 ...and yes there can be temporary random offers for $99
and if u order a similar phone to the e5 from aliexpress or whatever it will be around $50 to $100
like I said the 6t is excellent value compared to the rx/xs and other phones for $750 to $1000....and yes it is a cheap option for that class of specs
and if u want great value/cheap ...pocophone ...and excellent value/even cheaper u can go for something like Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro ...not for something with specs from 2012 like the e5
...if the 1mil car is 90-99% identical to the 2mil car ....yes it is the cheap option and it's good value at the same time for that class

November 2, 2018 | 09:49 AM - Posted by Gunbuster

When was the first no jack USB-C phone released? Unbelievable no one sells a USB-C docking station with a built in headphone jack. I cant imagine it would be more than $5 in Chinese chips and parts...

November 2, 2018 | 02:42 PM - Posted by boidsonly

T-mobile offered me $300 for my old Nexus 6. This phone ran me $250 out of pocket. How can I turn that down?
The real question is: Will T-mobile stay on top of timely updates for this phone?

November 3, 2018 | 05:03 AM - Posted by Harry Tiklefeenger, esq (not verified)

No, probably not.

Kinda in the same boat...My Nexus 5x is still hanging in there, but shes on her last legs. Amazon has the PH-1 for under $300 new. Too good a price/performance to pass up imo. Given the uneasy ground that Essential finds itself in, Im not holding my breath in terms of long term support. However, given that that concept ("long" term support) is anathema to android handsets and their carriers, im not too terribly concerned. Ill take the $300 phone that wont be supported versus the $900 phone that also wont be supported.

November 5, 2018 | 09:46 AM - Posted by boidsonly

Funny you should mention the PH-1. I'm moving from that phone to the OP6T. I've been a supporter of the Essential since it first went on sale last year. As much as I really like the design and timely up-dates, the camera is finally ruining my experience with it.
If not for that, this would be a forever phone-it's that nice, all around.
Don't let me talk you out of it. Essential has promised one more OS upgrade for the phone so that is a huge plus right there.
I rarely ever hang on to phones more than 6 months so the fact I kept it this long says something for it, IMO.

November 6, 2018 | 04:21 AM - Posted by eagerlyawaitingtheupsdude (not verified)

That's high praise!

November 3, 2018 | 01:00 PM - Posted by kbohip (not verified)

I went from a Nexus 6 to an LG V30 late last year. I had used Nexus phones from a Nexus 4, going to the 5, and then to the 6. The V30 is without a doubt my favorite between all of them. It's true that software updates are not nearly as frequent, but I haven't missed them with this one.

November 5, 2018 | 07:29 AM - Posted by GetBent (not verified)

Yeah nah I see it's still running the dated Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Let me know when they upgrade to the Kirin 980 at a minimum.

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