Lenovo Gets Down to Business, Preps $600 ThinkPad 10 Tablet for June Availability

Subject: Mobile | May 24, 2014 - 11:47 PM |
Tagged: Windows 8.1, thinkpad 10, Lenovo, ips display, Intel, Bay Trail

Lenovo made the previously-rumored ThinkPad 10 tablet official earlier this month. The business-friendly tablet starts at $599 and will be available in a couple of weeks. Lenovo has packed in quite a bit of hardware into a 10-inch aluminum chassis to create a device capable of up to 10 hours of battery life (productivity not guaranteed).

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The official ThinkPad 10 specifications closely match the previous rumors, but we do know a few more finer details. In particular, Lenovo has gone with an aluminum shell hosting a 10.1” 1920x1200 IPS display with 10-point multi-touch (and Gorilla Glass technology), two cameras (2MP webcam and 8MP rear camera), an optional digitizer pen, and a number of docking options.

Fans of handwriting recognition will be pleased with the confirmation of a digitizer while typists will be able to pair the 10-inch tablet with a keyboard dock. Lenovo is also offering a Quickshot cover accessory which is a soft screen cover/case that has a corner that can be easily folded to reveal the camera (and performing this action automatically opens up the camera app).


The tablet dock (which doubles as a charger) is a docking station that adds two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and one Ethernet port. On the other hand, the keyboard dock has an angled slot for the ThinkPad 10 to sit in (there is no angled hinge here) and features a physical keyboard and small trackpad.

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Finally, if you are more into the Microsoft Surface-style touch keyboard, Lenovo offers a case with an included touch-sensitive keyboard (keys with no physical actuation).

Internally, the ThinkPad 10 uses a Bay Trail Atom Z3795 SoC, either 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and up to 128GB of (eMMC 4.5.1) internal storage. Internal radios include 802.11n, Bluetooth, and cellular (3G and 4G LTE). The tablet itself has a micro HDMI video output, micro SD card slot for storage, and a single USB 2.0 port.

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All decked out, you are looking at an aluminum-clad tablet weighing less than 1.4 pounds running the full version of Windows 8.1 that starts at $599 for the tablet itself. The four optional accessories (the docks and cases) will cost extra (see below). Note that the touch-sensitive keyboard case and a ruggedized case will be made available later this summer following the June launch of the tablet and other options.

The $599 price ($728 with keyboard) may scare away consumers wanting an entertainment device, but business users and content creators with frequent travel needs (see our own Ryan Shrout) will appreciate the niche features, battery life, and build quality.

For those curious, the accessory costs will break down as follows:

  • Ultrabook Keyboard: $129
  • Tablet Dock: $119
  • Quickshot cover: $59
  • Rugged Case: $69 (available later this summer)
  • Touch Case: $119 (available later this summer)
Source: Lenovo

May 25, 2014 | 01:09 AM - Posted by Mad_Dane

Didn't think i would ever say this, but why get this when you can get a Surface Pro 3 with 2 inch bigger screen, better hinge system, better cpu's, more storage and ram options.

May 27, 2014 | 12:39 AM - Posted by jayinatlanta (not verified)

Here's why I'd consider this instead of the Surface Pro 3: aspect ratio (16:10 whereas Microsoft unfortunately moved to 3:2 for the first time with the Surface Pro 3), lighter weight, and a pretty dang nice dock that actually would work as a laptop rather than the Surface Pro 3's approach of having a semi-flexible keyboard on your lap with a top-heavy tablet. All of those things are important, but not to mention the Lenovo's looking about $800 with dock and pen vs. Surface Pro about $930 for the type keyboard.

Currently I have a Surface, a Surface Pro 2, and three iPads. From what I've seen, I'd be more interested in the Lenovo for the next purchase based on what I stated above.

May 25, 2014 | 01:28 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I agree. Why buy this slower atom tablet when you can get the surface pro 3. It's even already available for preorder.

May 25, 2014 | 02:18 AM - Posted by biohazard918

Umm because the surface pro starts at 800 dollars for the 64gb version and its a 1000 for the 128gb version and it only gets more expensive from there.

May 25, 2014 | 03:10 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I don't see a point in expensive tablets no matter what target audience is. They simply become outdated way too fast.

May 25, 2014 | 02:00 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Why does this cots so much, for an Atom powered device, WTF $728(with keyboard), and I'll bet the thing matches the cost of a MacBook Air once the 4 GB of memory and 128GB of memory are chosen. If you compare this to the cost of the New Surface Pro, The 11 inch MacBook AIR and an iPad would offer more for less money and the MacBook has thunderbolt and a better SSD. There is software to allow me to remote to the MacBook Air from An iPad(Parallels Access, others) so why should I pay for such overpriced Tablets. I could bungee the ipad to the food tray in an airplane and work it through the ipad, or just keep the lid closed and configure the MacBook to stay on with the lid closed with the laptop Simi-stowed beside me, and work form the ipad remotely to the MacBook. I know people that travel with mac minis and iPads with portable keyboards, and remote to the mini. The top end Surface Pro 3 can run more that the cost of the lowest end MacBook Air, iPad, and mac mini.

May 25, 2014 | 02:29 PM - Posted by Mad_Dane

Good points, but for people visiting a page called PC perspective, a mac is not an option! the mac could cost 1 dollar and I would still not touch it.

May 25, 2014 | 04:25 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

And you inferred all that from PC(Personal Computer), It does not say M$_PCPer, or Apple_PCPer, it just says PCPer! Not to say that I own any Apple products, but what is the advantage of owning a generic PC(non Apple) or tablet device if its going to cost more than the Apple equivalent of a laptop and tablet.

I would rather have an AMD x86 based tablet, or a Nvidia tegra K1 tablet, running an full Linux Distro, with the option of having a Mac Mini style form factor based more powerful CPU device, with Thunderbolt/other ports, that I could headlessly remote to from the tablet device and have a personal distributed processing/streaming system that I could fit in a carry on bag. The Mac Mini style device would have a large capacity battery and fit nicely under the seat, on the plane, train, other mode of transportation and provide all of the processing heavy lifting, while the paired Tablet acted as the remote desktop its processor assisting more with the rendering/streaming or other light workloads. The tablet and hybrid Mobile/mini desktop unit both running a full Linux distro, maybe one running KVM. That would leave the user with just a tablet portion to work off of, with attachable keyboard should typing be needed. For a traveler once they had access to a power plug, they could plug the hybrid Mobile/mini desktop unit and use it like a wall powered mini desktop its processor able to raise the operating thermals/Processor clock up just like a mini desktop unit, and charge the battery, and mobile USB powered LCD displays are not that expensive or heavy, or just keep using the tablet as the display.

From the way you dismissed my mentioning Apple, it may be safe to infer that you are a WinTel spinion, and for me for damn sure, TIFKAM and its M$ Spam, is not an option. Google and Nvidia's CEO are sure trying to kill full Linux on the Tablet form factor, and I am sure as hell not buying into anyone's closed ecosystem. TIFKAM or ANDROID!

May 25, 2014 | 05:20 PM - Posted by Mad_Dane

I admit I'm biased just incase you didn't get that, I hate Apple with a passion, I thought Jobs was an asshole and I have no interest in joining the closed Apple ecosystem, and Apple might be cheap with the entry model, but if want some added storage they charge outrageous prices. You sure like to put label on people don't you? the world is not so black and white, so fuck your labels.

May 25, 2014 | 07:35 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

And the Surface 3 is not priced beyond even Apple's greed factor, and Ballmer and Gates are cut from the same chuck of cheese that Jobs, and other CEOs come from. It's the fan droids professing their hate for the other, as you do that, and are the fuel the makes the Jobs, an the Gates, of the world billions. I could care less about Apple, Intel, Nvidia, AMD or others, making it or going out of business, the device/software/OS IP will be bought up and used by others.

I like the Apple A7 processor, it is a great piece of (P.A. semiconductor bought by Apple) engineering, and so will the A8 be! A Like Nvidia's K1, but Nvidia's CEO is a POS, and could drop dead for all I care, Pushing Android and not full Linux on the tablet devices. Nvidia is going to hobble the K1 with so many Intel type restrictions, that it will get very few design wins with mobile device makers. AMD has no real balls, and it could do very well around a full Linux distro, but with all its hardware innovation, it still sticks with the M$ windows anchor, when AMD and others could group their software resources and get some full Linux distros on their tablet/PC reference designs, and I do not mean full Linux as a development platform, to develop Android apps/Android builds with.

Everybody, Google, M$, Nvidia, are going the closed ecosystem way. but that is about to change, because Power8, Mips(the original RISC), and Other ISAs/IPs are coming up for Arm Holdings style licensing, and the Apples, Samsungs, Qualcomms, AMDs and others of the world will be licensing these ISAs and mixing them with their own IP special sauce, and making SOCs from phones to server products, I just hope there will be OEMs that will use these products in full Linux based systems. I Like the Technology, but the Marketing/CEO snake oil salesmen/women are ruining the technology's progress with their monopolistic practices.

The Licensed IP business model that Arm Holdings brought to the market in mobile, and that model has done more to level the playing field buy having CPU ISA and IP spread across an entire industry, will change the entire CPU industry. I'll give Props where Props are due, to the engineers and the technology that they create, but no props for the CEOs, and marketing monkeys that have always been the cause of the Monopoly, to the great determent of real progress. The artificial lack of competition that The M$s, and The Intel's, and Now the Googles are/Have perpetrated in the PC/device market is going to be much harder, as the closely held CPU/GPU ISAs/IPs are up for license, and the same could be said for the OS market, but as long as there is the ability to load other OSs, and not be chained to one ecosystem competition may return.

I really Hope that Imagination technologies takes that lifetime Mips ISA/IP license and pairs it with their PowerVR wizard GPUs for some great SOCs to increase the competition in the RISC mobile market. Apple should do the Same with a Power8 license, like they did with ARMv8 ISA, and produce some CPUs for their entire MacBook, and Mac Pro line of devices. AMD needs to get with the ARM ISA, The x86 ISA, and The Power8 ISA and work all the angles. Samsung, Nvidia, and Global Foundries(indirectly), you can Thank IBM for its fab 14nm process assistance, and anyone that uses Samsung or Global Foundries can thank Big Blue, but even Big Blue's Power8, and Fab process sharing, is not sharing out of the goodness in its own heart, IBM just wants a cheep supply of Powre8 parts for their server/computing business.

Those enterprises are all the same, it's just their REAL competition that forces them to innovate with new technology, and not sit back an milk technology for all its worth, like some big Monolithic CPU companies do, and continue to do in the x86 market, with their contra revenue and other Monopolistic business practices, same goes for the great ride IBM's coattails to market share OS Monopoly!

You sure like to put a label on yourself don't you, by questioning my right to discuss the company you hate, you hate Jobs so much, go dance on his grave, I do not care, but Props to the WOZ, and those P.A. Simi engineers and CPU architects!

May 26, 2014 | 06:52 AM - Posted by Mad_Dane

All that babbling, its pretty simple really, after Commodore died the windows PC took over the gaming world, I'm on windows because thats where the games are and because I was raised on windows, I hate Gates just as much as I hate Jobs, but I'm way too deep in the MS web to get out at the current time, no platform offers me to take my games with me.

May 26, 2014 | 09:16 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Well Gaming is important, but the other uses, graphics are being overlooked, especially on tablets, I am on windows also, but 7, will be my last windows OS! All my babbling is of importance to gaming, if gamers really want Intel to get off of their A$$ and not sit on their advanced technology, they need competition, and if Apple Goes to the Power8, this will motivate the technology milkers at Intel to get off of their fat ones, and compete to stay alive. TIFKAM and its runtime, same for Android, are not the gamers friend. Windows 7 and gamers do fine, without and extra runtime/service/framework stealing processing cycles like the TIFKAM and others runtimes on the already bloated windows ecosystem!

Most gamers will not be all in with windows, any more than they are all in with Linux, they will probably be mostly windows, with a dual boot to Linux, at first. I do not plan to get rid of windows 7 until it is deprecated, But Linux can be more gaming friendly because any unnecessary bloat/services/whatever can be turned of on a Linux OS, not so for windows. Sure M$ will try to attract gamers into their newer OSs, by dangling the DirectX carrot out there like they have done in the past. But I am a supporter of the Steam OS movement to help keep gaming free of any dependencies to an OS monopoly, and its closed ecosystem.

You Say that You only care about what games you can play, fair enough, but M$ only expresses a self interest, when it says that it cares about gaming, it only cares about market share, and pushing its transition to a closed ecosystem, otherwise why no back port of the latest directX to the windows 7 OS. I think there is a real possibility that the windows ecosystem, will become as locked down, as the console ecosystem, and Steam OS is a valid way to keep that from happening.

I will never buy into the Android, RT, Other closed ecosystem imprisoned hardware, and I expect my third party OEM hardware to be able to run what ever OSs that are available, be it the NT kernel or the Linux Kernel, based OS, and I use open source graphics software, and will not purchase any hardware that can not run the open source packages and applications the I need. Those games that you play, are made using butt loads of 3d mesh models, and textures, bump maps, and other graphics based products, and there are many open source games that utilize open source game development tools/software/SDKs, and Tablets locked down to the Android ecosystem, are just as bad, as tablets locked down to the RT ecosystem.

The Windows OS took over the PC(derived from the IBM PC) world on the Coattails of IBMs PC hardware success, and IBMs failure to see the benefits of its own OS being on the PC compatible hardware that began to spring up after the IBM PC's success. The WINTEL dualolopy has done more to hold back the rapid technological advancement, once the market share majority was gained. But, the era of the Monolithic CPU/OS monopolies is finally coming to a close, so my babbling will continue, and you can continue to enjoy your locked down console style OS, more closed with each new iteration of the windows walled garden, because M$ has milked the windows ecosystem for most of its profitability, and is now planning new ways to monetize the inevitable windows market share decline. Have you noticed M$'s getting office for the iPad, and there will be office on Linux, and other OSs, that you can be sure of. Yes windows is not going away, but gaming is not going to be dependent on windows any more than any other OS.

I'm looking forward to Steam OS, and all of its Debian Based goodness, on tablets, and gaming rigs, and on Steam Boxes(PC in their own right) for gaming and Steams OS's ability to have any Debian/Linux software packages apt-get(ed) onto tablets, and PCs/Laptops, Props go out the Debian developers, and Gabe and his Steam OS, free as in free from the walled gardens of the Jobs', The Ballmer/Gates', and the pure evil Ribbon Lady!

May 26, 2014 | 08:37 AM - Posted by Benefit14snake (not verified)

That's a silly comment. Are you new here?

May 26, 2014 | 08:38 AM - Posted by Benefit14snake (not verified)

That's in reply to the guy that says pcper is for windows users only. Lol

May 26, 2014 | 08:42 AM - Posted by Mad_Dane

Where did I say its only for windows users? I explained why I'm on windows, I said this is the PC perspective not MAC perspective.

May 26, 2014 | 09:57 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Still stuck on the old meaning of PC, its canonical meaning in your church of the Anit-MAC, well I prefer my CPUs to be stack machines like the B5500-B6700 and above, but that is not going to happen, even though that stack machine(CPU) is vastly more immune to the buffer overflow/Stack over flow security flaws than the general purpose register machines like those of the x86, and ARM/MIPS/IBM verities. It's too bad that someone can not take the Old Burroughs Stack architecture, and make a Microprocessor version on the current fab process node, there would be vastly less security breaches, even if the Stack processors were only used for routers, and other security/internet facing assets.


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