Intel's plans for the future of mobility

Subject: Mobile | April 3, 2008 - 05:31 PM |

The VR-Zone has compiled a roadmap of Intel's upcoming processors for Ultra Mobile Personal Computers and Mobile Internet Devices.  It looks like their System Controller Hub, a combination of the MCH and ICH into a single chip, is on schedule to arrive with the first of the Atom processors.  Read more by following the link.

"Intel has emphasized on Menlow 2008 platform during IDF and unveiled 5 Atom "Silverthorne" processors along with

Poulsbo chipset. Silverthorne is 45nm based and has 512KB of L2 cache. Intel called Poulsbo chipset as a System

Controller Hub (SCH) that basically combines the MCH and ICH into a single chip. VR-Zone learned that there will be 3

SKUs; US11L supporting 400FSB Silverthorne, 512MB DDR2, 100MHz graphics core clock, SD Video only and up to 800x480

resolution, US15L supporting 400FSB Silverthorne, 1GB DDR2, 200MHz graphics core clock HD Video Decode and up to

1366x768 resolution and US15W that has similar features set as US15L but supporting 533FSB Silverthorne. The 3D graphics

core is powered by PowerVR SGX Series5 instead of Intel integrated graphics cores like GMA 3000, X3100 etc."

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Source: VR-Zone

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