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Subject: Mobile | September 20, 2013 - 02:26 PM |
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The Tech Report loves a good Apple release, even if things didn't go as smoothly on the supply side as many had hoped.  They haven't had time to do a full review of either the iPhone 5C or 5S but they did put together an overview of the two devices which you can read here.  The new phones were not the only new release from Apple, iOS7 became available for iPhone and iPad users and it has failed to impress them.  While it is certainly usable and not unattractive The Tech Report feels that some of the elegance of design has faded and the special feeling they had because they owned an iThing is no longer there.  If you haven't upgraded because you have jailbroken your iPhone they won't judge you too harshly and have put together a post describing how to un-jailbreak that phone so you can join with the cool kids of iOS7 and wait for the chance to unlock the new OS when the steps for that are posted; likely in the very near future.

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"Today, it's the turn of our resident Mac blogger, Jason Fox, to blog about his upgrade to iOS 7. Fox also recounts the process of un-jailbreaking his iPhone to accommodate the new software update."

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September 21, 2013 | 09:18 AM - Posted by praack

i always love the new IPHONE releases, my friend at work asks- how's it look should i get it - each fall with the S release .

I tell her- nope wait for the bigger full release

then she runs out anyway and wraps herself into a new contract

then the new year begins and they come out with the new phone- and she asks - should i get this one? and i say- well no- you might as well wait for the fall release now- but she cannot wait - and quicker than lightning she runs off and gets herself into a new contract for a new phone

can never figure out these apple-tards, running out for a point release, still no nfc communication, minor camera bump (because they don't have the guts to use a real camera). and then they spend all day facebooking and pinteresting. BORING

September 22, 2013 | 03:10 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I have no Apple products, too many clams for the performence level, but I like that Apple has taken the ARM instruction set and taped out their own CPU, to run that ARM code! AMD does the same thing with the x86 instruction set, the basic x86 instructions are Intel, but the circuits and microcode are all AMD! Let's hope that The chip IP that Apple acquired, a while back, and the brain power that Apple's big bucks bought, can, and do, turn out a better performing ARM processor, than the refrence designs that ARM provides, to all but the holders of a top level ARM architecture license! Lets hope that Apple can do better with the ARM instruction set, than AMD is currently with their x86 microcode! Samsung and Apple competiting with each other, via the ARM instruction set, can only be good for the market!

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