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Subject: Memory | March 23, 2009 - 01:39 PM |

If you want the fastest DDR3 around you have to go for 2000MHz and be willing to pay. For instance, GSkill's 6GB 2000 MHZ C9 DDR3 will run you $300, whereas their 1600 MHz kit is only $100 after MIB.  In the synthetic test, the Guru of 3D could see bigger changes in performance than with their real world testing. However, you should probably take a look at a comparison of the performance change and the price change bfore you run out an buy the kit.

"We test some very fine G.Skill DDR3 memory today. They recently introduced a 2000 MHz

| PC3 16000 DDR3 triple channel memory kit for Core i7. Very impressive, nice timings

and a good price. G.Skills 3GB DDR3 2000MHz DDR3 Triple Channel memory kit comes with

timings of CL9 (9-9-9-24) at 1.65V, and next to that they pimped it up with a PI

Series Black memory heatsink. All in all we can already share, a very competitive and

interesting set of memory.

But is high frequency memory realy worth the buzz and premium price ?"

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Source: Guru of 3D