Run 1:1, if you can get your processor to keep up

Subject: Memory | April 13, 2007 - 12:22 PM |

Mushkin's XP2-9200 runs at 1150MHz @ 5-5-4-12 out of the box, and Overclocker's Club pushed it to 1200MHz without any effort at all.  With a different board and a bump in voltage, these DIMMs can probably go even further.  As this RAM will keep up with any processor on the market right now, it lets you take full advantage of a 1:1 ratio between RAM and CPU.

"You know the drill: countless hours spent in front of the magic box, doing research trying to get the most performance for

your hard earned dollars. You have the latest and greatest of everything and now the one piece of the puzzle that is

missing is your system memory. Well look no further, as we have a winner! Mushkin has just released their highest speed

rated modules in the form of the XP2-9200. This set of 2 X 1 Gigabyte modules are specified to run at 1150 mhz (575 fsb),

with 5-5-4-12 latencies. Recently Mushkin has been shipping all of their HP and XP series modules with EPP programming as

an added feature. EPP, or Enhanced Performance Profiles, is an added bit of programming included on the SPD chip of the

memory, to improve compatibility as well as allowing for one setting to control memory timings, overclocking and


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