Hitting 2500MHz is not easy, even if the RAM is rated for it

Subject: Memory | June 23, 2010 - 01:25 PM |

The Patriot Viper II Sector 5 PC3 20000 4GB kit will set you back almost $350 but if you are looking for RAM speced at 2500MHz you already know you are going to be paying a steep entry fee.  The timings look a little odd at first glance, 9-11-9-27 is not a usual set of timings but then again that does hint that there is some room to manoeuvre when you are adjusting your final clock settings.  For instance, in testing OCC hit 7-9-7-24 @ 1800MHz and compared it to the 9-11-9-27 @ 2490MHz and did notice a difference in benchmarks.  The number of motherboards that can support this speed are limited, as are the processors so read through the list of hardware that has been tested to support it and a bclock of 209MHz.

"When it came time to overclock the modules, the system was tapped out at 2500MHz on air.

Maybe some sub-zero cooling could help these modules scale a bit higher. These modules

will, however, run at lower speeds with tighter timings. Cas 6 was run at up to 1940MHz,

Cas 7 to 2058 and surprisingly Cas 8 to 2490MHz. The only problem is to get the modules to

scale, you need to bump up the TRCD setting in the memory sub-timings."

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