nVIDIA's SLI Surround and 3DVision surround finally arrive

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It has been a long time coming but we finally get a chance to see nVIDIA do 3DVision in surround and the news is both good and bad.  The bad news is that there are limits on the possible monitor setups you can use for 3DVision, in essence you will run 3 landscape monitors as any other permutation will not support 3DVision.  On the plus side the list of compatible cards is rather impressive, not only the GeForce GTX 480, GTX 470 and GTX 465 support this, older GeForce GTX 285/280/270/260 all support it as well as the GTX295 in certain cases.

Ryan saw some rather impressive fps numbers when testing a pair of GTX480's in SLI in 2D mode, besting a pair of HD5870's in Crossfire and when he tested the 3DVision he saw frame rates cut in half in some games and what is best described as serious performance bugs in others.  Towards the end of his review you can see a few of the games in action and a look at how the prices of the two multiple monitor solutions add up.

"NVIDIA's initial foray into multi-display gaming with NVIDIA Surround and 3D Vision

Surround seems to be a great counter to AMD's release of the technology for gamers' use

back in September of 2009. NVIDIA is finally nearing parity with AMD's 5000-series of

graphics cards with DX11 support multi-monitor gaming though they are nine months behind.

Better late than never as the saying goes and maybe AMD has created a market that NVIDIA

can swing in and take over...? We still aren't sure that will be the case but NVIDIA

Surround is definitely a differentiating and compelling option for the PC gamer and


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