This memory goes to 5V+

Subject: Graphics Cards | July 11, 2006 - 03:55 PM |

NGOHQ spotted a very interesting RAM module at Computex, from GEIL.  This soon to be released RAM has an independant power supply, right on the DIMM.  It looks to plug into a 3.5" drive power connector to do so, and they also claim you will be able to tweak the voltage on the fly, thanks to a switch on the DIMM.

"At Computex 2006, we had the chance to see a new memory module from GeIL. EVO ONE is its name, and it

is the enthusiast's wet dream. These days, memory plays an important role in running today's games and

applications. However, some motherboards can be a bottleneck when it comes to high performance memory.

Most of the motherboard manufacturers today are drawing voltage from the 3.3v rail to power memory

modules. Only one manufacturer is using the 5v rail, which allows the user higher overclocking, and

that's DFI. Even with DDR2, the voltage is pretty limited on many motherboards."

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Source: NGOHQ

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