Sapphire Announces new Water Cooled X1950 Cards

Subject: Graphics Cards | October 12, 2006 - 02:03 PM |

Dailytech has the announcement and some images of the new Sapphire liquid cooled X1950 XTX and CrossFire cards.  Bother use the same design that keeps the water cooling components inside the case.

Sapphire has announced the release of its new TOXIC X1950XTX and TOXIC X1950 CrossFire Edition graphics cards catered towards enthusiasts and silent PC aficionados. The new TOXIC X1950XTX and TOXIC X1950 CrossFire Edition do away with ATI's stock red blower and replace it with a water cooling solution. Water cooling is provided by a customized Thermaltake Tidewater system. The water cooling system has a variable speed fan that has two modes of operation—quiet or higher efficiency. In quiet mode the fan is rated to produce 18dBA of noise and spins at 2000 RPM. When performance is desired the fan spins at 2500RPM and produces 26dBA of noise.

In addition to the water cooling solution, the TOXIC X1950XTX and TOXIC X1950 CrossFire Editions come overclocked from the factory. Instead of ATI's stock 650 MHz core clock Sapphire has cranked the core clock to 695 MHz. Memory speed remains unchanged at 1000 MHz though. Other notable features include dual-link DVI and HDCP compliancy for high definition HD-DVD and Blu-ray playback.

Pricing for the TOXIC X1950XTX and TOXIC X1950 CrossFire Editions is expected around $549 with availability in a couple of weeks. TOXIC X1950 CrossFire Edition cards will have limited availability though.

Source: Daily Tech

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