PowerVR 9XEP, 9XMP, and 9XTP GPUs Launched

Subject: Graphics Cards, Mobile | December 4, 2018 - 03:00 AM |
Tagged: PowerVR, Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies has just launched three new GPUs: the PowerVR 9XEP, the PowerVR 9XMP, and the PowerVR 9XTP. The 9XEP is designed for casual gaming and UI, the 9XMP is designed for mid-level mobile gaming, and the 9XTP is for high-end mobile-and-up.

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The press release notes that, with the release of Fortnite and PUBG on mobile platforms, gaming is pushing devices toward larger GPUs. As a result, they have worked on gaming-centric features like anisotropic filtering to improve performance an image quality. They specifically mention a 2x performance boost in anisotropic filtering and a 4x increase in shadow sample performance on the  9XMP.

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There’s a lot of segments that these designs cover; check out Imagination’s slides above.

All three of these designs are available now for licensing.

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December 4, 2018 | 12:46 PM - Posted by MarketShareNotThereNow (not verified)

What happened with their PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing IP is that up for licensing also and will any of the non ray tracing larger GPU makers look at licensing Imagination Technologies' Ray Tracing IP.

It looks like IT's PowerVR IP will not be in many consumer/phone products as there is plenty of competing Mobile GPU IP on the market from Arm Holdings and others.

IT was the first with GPU Based Hardware Ray Tracing Acceleration but they could not get enough market share to make that Ray Tracing IP widespread as Nvidia will be able to with Nvidia's GPU market share.

The Automotive market is probebly the only place that IT may be able to compete now that Apple is using its own GPU designs and the other players, like ARM Holdings/others, all have their own GPU solutions.

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