Multi GPU goodness, the extended version (Part 2)

Subject: Graphics Cards | July 13, 2006 - 12:11 PM |

bit-tech continues the Multi-GPU World Tour with the second installment.  Read on to find out what GPU's are chosen for the 3 systems.

AMD, ATI and NVIDIA were not the only
manufacturers to step forward and support this series of articles. The other
manufacturers who have stepped forward to help include Abit and ECS - supplying
motherboards for completing our testing - along with SuperTalent, who supplied
publications with its T800UX2GC4 DD2-800 memory modules for testing on the high
end platforms. Sapphire also helped some of the European publications with the
required ATI hardware, too. Without the support from all of these manufacturers,
this series of articles would not have been possible.

Source: bit-tech