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With all of the debate and discussion that followed the second release of Ashes of the Singularity's DX12 benchmark mode, questions about full screen capabilities on AMD hardware and a debate of the impact the Microsoft Store and Universal Windows Platform would have on PC gaming, we went to the source of the debate to try and get some feedback. Microsoft was willing to talk about the issues that arose from this most recent storm though honestly what it is willing to say on the record today is limited.

When asked specifically about the UWP and PC games made available on the Windows 10 Store, Microsoft reiterated its desire to work with gamers and the community to find what works.

“UWP (Universal Windows Platform) allows developers to create experiences that are easily deployed across all Windows 10 devices, from PCs to tablets to phones to Xbox One. When it comes to a UWP game on Windows 10 PCs, we’re early in our journey. We’re listening to the feedback from the community – multiple GPUs, SLI, crossfire, v-sync, etc. We’re embracing the feedback and working to ensure gamers on Windows 10 have a great experience. We’ll have more to discuss in the coming months.” – a Microsoft spokesperson

It's good to know that Microsoft is listening to the media and gamers and seems willing to make changes based on feedback. It will have to be seen though what of this feedback gets implemented and in what time frame.

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Universal Windows Platform

One particular fear for some gamers is that Microsoft would attempt to move to the WDDM compositing model not just for games sold in the Windows Store, but for all games that run on the OS. I asked Microsoft directly:

To answer your question, can we assume that those full screen features that work today with DX12 will work in the future as well – yes.

This should ease the worries of people thinking the very worst for Windows and DX12 gaming going forward. As long as DX12 allows for games to enter into an exclusive full screen mode, like the FlipEx option we discussed in a previous story, games sold through Steam, Origin and anywhere else will have the ability to behave with DX12 as they do today with DX11.

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Windows 10 Store

I have some meetings setup with various viewpoints on this debate for GDC in a couple weeks, so expect more then!

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March 3, 2016 | 12:10 PM - Posted by Vitagra (not verified)

My main fear still, is that uwp is just another games for windows live. Just like GWL ruined some really good games, this will too.

March 3, 2016 | 12:11 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Maybe when Microsoft starts walking the walk and not just talking the talk people will start to put some faith in their promises.

March 3, 2016 | 02:49 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

M$ has never ever walked the walk! If you agree to that windows 10 EULA, you are allowing yourself to be most thoroughly PAWNED! Your ticket to console peasant class gaming on your very own PC hardware starts with UWP and windows 10! Universal Windows Peasant(UWP) is what M$ really has lined up for your future, enjoy that ball and chain experience! Just you keep on believing that M$ Talk!

March 3, 2016 | 01:01 PM - Posted by Lando (not verified)

Microsoft is bringing game exclusiveness model from consoles to PC. Very worrying.

March 3, 2016 | 03:20 PM - Posted by burkhartmj (not verified)

It's only as exclusive as Valve games are on Steam or EA games are on Origin. As long as you still have the ability to install those storefronts then this is nothing like console exclusivity, it's just that MS has their own store now too. This is just like Android, you have Google's store by default but can still install the Amazon Store [Steam] or F-Droid [Gog].

March 3, 2016 | 03:30 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)


Valve doesn't lock you into an OS as you can use MacOS, SteamOS, Linux, or Windows XP-10.

The Android analogy is closer, but still not the same. Google's store is available for nearly all Android devices and versions of Android.

Windows Store and the UWP games sold within it will be DX12/Windows10 ONLY.

March 3, 2016 | 06:23 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

That's is Correct, M$ is once again using its monopoly OS market share to force gaming into M$'s walled garden on user's Third party OEM made PC/Laptop hardware. Steam OS is independ of the Steam Client, ans Steam OS is just another Debian Linux based Distro! Users recieve their Steam services through the steam client, and the Valve gaming ecosystem does not restrict gaming to using only one OS. I would rather there be more focus on Vulkan based gaming, and hopefully Steam OS/The Vulkan API will give games makers, and users some much need choice to M$'s standard fare of Forcing its way onto PC gamimg and giving PC gaming the NOKIA Phone burning platform treatment!

March 4, 2016 | 12:37 AM - Posted by -- (not verified)

cool story, go wipe your drive and installs steam OS and report back.


March 5, 2016 | 12:04 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Blow it out your A$$ M$ fan boy! That monopoly is going down, it's time to hit M$ in the earnings! The Great M$ land grab is heading for fail!!!!!

March 4, 2016 | 05:46 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I'm not forced to install SteamOS or OriginOS just to play a game.

March 4, 2016 | 08:33 AM - Posted by riflen

I do agree that this is not like the console situation yet, but that's because Win32 is the dominant API.
As an example; you can buy Valve games on Ubisoft's Uplay store.
Steam as a platform is distinct from Steam as a store front. Any developer can release his or her Win32 game on the Steam platform, but sell it through any store they wish, digital or bricks and mortar. In this scenario, Valve does not get a cut of the sales.

In comparison UWP is intrinsically tied to the Microsoft Store and Windows 10. Right now, the only place to buy a UWA game is from the Microsoft Store. And, (again this is currently), by default, Windows 10 does not allow the installation of UWA from other sources.
It's a small victory that recently Microsoft added a toggle to allow side-loading UWA, but it's important to note that the OS did not ship with this feature and that this change was in response to overwhelming negative feedback from developers and partners.
It's also important to note that this option only exists as long as Microsoft allows it to.

Unfortunately, it would not be out of character for Microsoft to deprecate Win32 in the future, making it harder for developers to avoid using UWP. All signs right now point to Microsoft positioning itself to get a cut of every UWA game sale.

You can say "this will never happen, it's suicide and crazy", but we should not stay quiet just because it seems like an unlikely outcome today. All the pieces of technology to make it possible are in place, it's now a matter of policy. We have to let Microsoft know that it's not acceptable.

March 3, 2016 | 03:24 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I wonder how long before Microsoft convinces ($$$$) EA and partners to make PC games Windows 10-only?

March 4, 2016 | 12:39 AM - Posted by -- (not verified)

In a long number of years....when DX12 becomes like DX10

the default DX

win 7 will be coughing dust...and of course you will all be running GLORIOUS LINUX by then.

March 5, 2016 | 12:08 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Vulkan will stop the UWP(Universal Windows Peasants) so who needs DX12!

March 7, 2016 | 12:53 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

LOL yes THIS is the year Linux takes over (running joke for 20 years). I will use the best OS around Windows 10.

March 3, 2016 | 02:05 PM - Posted by Dvon-E (not verified)

That final response really means: "You can assume anything you want, but Microsoft is not bound by your assumptions." Evidence suggests that also means "or by any statements or previous agreements that conflict with current goals."

"The Snake" - Al Wilson

March 3, 2016 | 02:58 PM - Posted by Jann5s

Thank you Ryan for being on top of this.

March 4, 2016 | 07:21 AM - Posted by Lando (not verified) Tim Sweeney blasts Microsoft's "aggressive UWP initiative"

March 4, 2016 | 08:35 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks for the link, it's interesting to read that he seem to have a similar opinion as Gabe Newell, that Microsoft are putting all the things in place to create a walled garden.

March 4, 2016 | 12:48 PM - Posted by AnthonyShea

Windows team always go off and do these half baked things that the majority of people never want. it makes me wonder where they find their focus group participants. this whole thing with the windows store and games just sounds like nothing but bad news. even when they fix things the damage has already been done.

March 4, 2016 | 03:59 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

It's quite obvious that Windows 10 wasn't a free upgrade. It turns out it was a set of shackles. Why is my family being forced to trust a company that we don't trust and never will? This company is speaking out of both sides of its mouth...can't seem to get a straight answer out them.

We've switched most of our computers to's been a rough road, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

March 5, 2016 | 11:54 AM - Posted by Ayush Gupta (not verified)

That's good to hear! Microsoft work it guys! More about Windows here Geek LTD

July 23, 2018 | 01:30 AM - Posted by Sonia Green (not verified)

Blizard Entertainment recently added a patch to World of Warcraft and added dx12 as an option but removed exclusive fullscreen because it was "incompatible" with dx12, their arguement for this is that Microsoft intends to go with the windowed only modes in the future and that fullscreen windowed is exactly the same as exclusive fullscreen.
They're kidding themselves of course on that.
In the meantime there have been massive complaints on the forums about SLI and Crossfire not working properly, a drop in fps from 100 to 30 and nobody seems to want to address the issue other than to blame Microsoft for it.
Personally I think Microsoft ought to employ some hardcore gamers to test their features rather than just receive feedback which they and game developers can ignore, because if they get the feedback directly and not just in a forum that is harder to ignore and the rest of gamers might actually avoid the crap pile that gets dumped on us.

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