Images and Benchmarks of AMD Radeon R9-290X Hawaii Leak Out

Subject: Graphics Cards | September 21, 2013 - 11:58 PM |
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What better way to spend your weekend than to comb over photos and graphs to try and figure out everything you can about the upcoming AMD Hawaii GPU just days before they announce it during a live stream?  A collection of leaks including pictures and benchmarks made their way onto the web (they have a way of doing that) from our friends in China.  I spotted a post from our buddy Hassan at WCCFTech that detailed much of the information available so far. 

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The first picture was actually posted by Johan Andersson, lead developer at DICE over Twitter with a not-too-vague comment about Hawaii and Volcanic Islands. 



A website with the convenient name of posted images with quite a bit more detail including some with the cooler removed. 

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The GPU here is apparently going to be called the AMD Radeon R9-290X as AMD shifts to a completely new naming scheme with this generation.  We already discussed an interview with AMD's Matt Skynner in which he said the die of Hawaii was 30% smaller than NVIDIA's GTX TITAN and would be more efficient per die area than the GeForce option. 

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Other specifications that have been compiled (that are still rumors really at this point) include a 512-bit memory interface (quad 128-bit controllers more than likely based on the memory layout), 4GB of GDDR5, 5+1 phase power and 8+6 pin power connections (very reasonable for a flagship).  The die size is being estimated at 424 mm2 (larger than Radeon HD 7970 but smaller than TITAN) and price estimates are sitting at $599

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We even found a couple of benchmarks claiming to have performance results of this new beast of a GPU.  Though the name of the card on the result is blocked out we are supposed to believe these are results from the AMD R9-290X and they are impressive if true.  In both of the graphs here the new Hawaii GPU is faster than the $999 GeForce GTX TITAN at a significantly lower price! 

All signs are pointing to AMD's next 28nm GPU to be a high end gamer's dream graphics card.  That is, IF all these rumors and leaks turns out to be accurate.  We still don't know the key data points like stream processor count, but we'll know it all in due time.  (Maybe next week?)  We still have concerns about the status of AMD's multi-GPU fixes but if the company can get that worked out in time for this relesae, I expect AMD to make a big splash this fall with a revamped Radeon brand.

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September 22, 2013 | 12:13 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

i dont care that .because xbox one>ps4>pc

September 22, 2013 | 12:21 AM - Posted by KevTheGuy (not verified)

Are you serious?

September 22, 2013 | 12:25 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)


September 22, 2013 | 01:24 AM - Posted by ThorAxe

Proof that console fanboys are as dumb as we thought.

September 22, 2013 | 12:12 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

your a faggy nerd boy PC gaming sucks sitting 12 inches across your gameplay? get the fuck out of here.

September 22, 2013 | 12:15 PM - Posted by HeavyG (not verified)

I game on the PC in my living room as well, probably just as far away as you do. Nice try. But that's cool. Have fun with your bad graphics.

September 23, 2013 | 12:35 AM - Posted by ThorAxe

2560x1440 > 1920x1080.

Enjoy gaming on your PS4 or XBone with PC Gaming performance from March 2010. Yeah the consoles really are that crappy.

September 23, 2013 | 02:02 PM - Posted by JSL

>Midrange PC Gaming performance from March 2010


September 22, 2013 | 12:25 PM - Posted by Godrilla (not verified)

Nah dumber!

September 22, 2013 | 11:57 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

people are so fucking stupid wow. talking about having to be inches from the monitor or tv to play on pc, or I rather play on console so I can play in my 40" tv, or even I rather play on console so I could use my controller. for all you stupidly dumb as dirt nuggets, I play my games on pc on a 42" tv with 3d but don't use 3d much. also when I feel like it I plug in my controller and I sit back 4+feet from my 42" TV. also I do all that a console can do and 100X more at faster speeds and better quality, and on some game double the amount of people. so u tell me whats better. pc or console. don't answer that actually pc is better console are cool if ur to stupid and can figure out how to play with legos, cus really all building a pc is is putting the legos together if u know what I mean

P.S. im gonna eat your shit

September 23, 2013 | 12:00 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

oh ya to add to this y bbuy a tv that can do 1080p and play a console that can only do 720 and sometimes 1080p

September 23, 2013 | 06:00 AM - Posted by Anonymous (Jigs) (not verified)

You are insulting yourself, infact this guys are laughing really loud because of your ignorance. stop while you can. No console not even the latest one can fight against the PC. Period.

September 24, 2013 | 09:56 AM - Posted by Mombasa69 (not verified)

A PC equipped with an 8 core AMD CPU and a new Radeon (that's released tomorrow) will be able do anything the new xbox can and ps4, all 3 will share virtually identical architecture (although the PC with the new Radeon and a overclocked FX-8350 CPU will be far more powerful).

September 29, 2013 | 12:04 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Obvious troll is obvious.

September 22, 2013 | 12:46 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Console fanboy ? Poor you :D

September 22, 2013 | 01:25 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Clearly you never did's suppose to be the other way around.

September 22, 2013 | 04:10 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

No no, PC > PS4 AND xbox one
R9 290X miammmm

September 22, 2013 | 08:12 AM - Posted by JohnGR (not verified)

Is there a site where you haven't posted that yet?
And you also have to improve in Maths. You are confusing this "<" with this ">".

September 22, 2013 | 12:29 PM - Posted by Godrilla (not verified)

I guess you haven't heard ryse running in only 900p resolution, and ps4 running bf4 only in 720p medium settings, plus amd already announced pc is superior, so stop trolling!

September 22, 2013 | 02:15 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

See when you're 18 years old gamer and you waist your time searching for the latest news you show how worthless humbled you're .

September 23, 2013 | 07:39 PM - Posted by aparsh335i (not verified)

I'm pretty sure this guy is just trollin everyone and he probably is just trying to get more people mad. He's probably a PC gamer so he knows exactly what to say :)

September 24, 2013 | 08:11 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

*Public Service Message*
"Don't Feed The Trolls!"

September 22, 2013 | 12:20 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Definitely fake

September 22, 2013 | 12:38 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Sigh @ that same old AMD reference cooler. After the 7990 I thought maybe they'd turned a corner.

September 22, 2013 | 11:47 PM - Posted by ArcRendition

It's highly likely that is simply a test mule. The finished product will probably incorporate an improved cooling design as acoustics have become a major selling point.

- Stewart Graham

September 22, 2013 | 01:45 AM - Posted by icebug

This is looking pretty good, Hopefully these benchmarks are accurate. Can't wait to see Ryan framerate this bitch!

September 23, 2013 | 07:57 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Hahaha... framerating(aka frame raping) actually bitch slaps all other benchmarks :P

September 22, 2013 | 02:48 AM - Posted by tabuburn (not verified)

This reminds me of the "leaks" for the GTX Titan before it was released. It was reported to be much faster than the GTX 690 but in reality it was not.

Also, the supposed specs on that seems to conflict with other ones reported on other tech sites like this which said that it's using a 384-bit memory interface:,24327.html

September 22, 2013 | 03:25 AM - Posted by LtMatt

A dice dev (maybe the same one) actually leaked a pic of the 7990 as well a while back so this definitely has some credibility.

This is why we love AMD. They bring us excellent price vs performance without charging $999 dollars. Hopefully these benchmarks are true and the card is priced around $600 or lower. That will work out around £450 for us brits. Beating a titan at this price will be incredible work from AMD.

Hopefully when this is released the new eyefinity drivers will come with it, or just before it. Hey Ryan? :P

September 22, 2013 | 10:56 AM - Posted by DeadOfKnight

If I remember correctly, it was AMD that set the pace for currently overpriced cards.

September 22, 2013 | 06:32 PM - Posted by Terminashunator (not verified)

AMD set the prices high, then dropped them when they saw that the cards weren't selling. Now, they're a great deal, Price to performance.
Nvidia chose to keep their prices high for no seen reason.

September 22, 2013 | 10:48 PM - Posted by renz (not verified)

nvidia can keep theirs high because because people are willing to buy at such price. to be exact amd also wants to play premium game like nvidia and intel but it never goes well when they did. i mean just look what happen to their FX 9xxx processor and 7990 when they to market those product with premium price tag.

September 23, 2013 | 05:36 AM - Posted by Ulderek (not verified)

Since when? Since the release of the HD3870 (a half priced 2900xt) AMD has keept on pushing prices.. Not on x2 models though.. But thats all i can remember.. Nvidia answered fast with the 8800gt. I remember buying a x850xtx PE for like 500$ :/ rofl... Remember the 6800 ultra? That was an expensive beast!

September 22, 2013 | 07:13 PM - Posted by Wendigo (not verified)

Yeah, like the HD7990 launch (999$)... ¬¬

September 22, 2013 | 05:03 AM - Posted by joedjn (not verified)

Very very excited if this is all true, $999 for the titan is so overpriced when you look at the performance over even a 7970Ghz. Hopefully this will force nVidia to drop prices and we all win :D

September 22, 2013 | 12:38 PM - Posted by Godrilla (not verified)

3 more days for gk 110 discounts!

September 22, 2013 | 05:29 AM - Posted by PapaDragon

Eagerly waiting for your review Ryan!..This is going to get very interesting!!

September 22, 2013 | 05:31 AM - Posted by PapaDragon

FrameRape dat *****!!

September 22, 2013 | 06:45 AM - Posted by Gregster

No chance those benchmarks are real. The 290X just wouldn't have the grunt to sit that high above a Titan.

September 22, 2013 | 08:48 AM - Posted by Angry

Hey, you never know, amd has had some time to make something to seriously challenge the titan.

September 22, 2013 | 11:52 PM - Posted by ArcRendition

The delta between 290X and Titan isn't particularly large as to make the plausibility of the aforementioned benchmarks within the realm of possibility.

September 22, 2013 | 09:10 AM - Posted by w_km (not verified)

Some of those numbers are not real.

September 22, 2013 | 10:14 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Can it mine? What's its hash rate for scrypt?

September 22, 2013 | 11:30 AM - Posted by TheTechGuy (not verified)

The label field of the highest performing card is not shown. I bet it should show GTX 690.

September 22, 2013 | 12:35 PM - Posted by Godrilla (not verified)

Actually the other benchmarks not shown here show that mystery card being inferior when anti aliasing is off!

September 22, 2013 | 11:56 AM - Posted by st4 (not verified)

Finally, my GTX 680 is starting to feel slow..

September 22, 2013 | 03:45 PM - Posted by duplissi (not verified)

I know the feeling. my hd 7950 feels like a low end card compared to this.

September 22, 2013 | 11:57 AM - Posted by Woot (not verified)

No surprise the cooler still looks cheap, I can live with that .. but for fuck sake will AMD PLEASE make quality looking crossfire bridges.

September 22, 2013 | 03:32 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Quality LOOKING crossfire bridges? How about crossfire that actually improves performance over a single card? Without high-level driver profiles that just hide the runt frame problem through a cheap and dirty software frame delay solution that only works in a handful of AAA current games that they know reviewers will benchmark?

I'm sorry, but I'm only seeing contempt for their customers from AMD. If they respect us, they need to fix their crossfire 100% or stop offering it. People are getting ripped off BIG TIME.

September 22, 2013 | 12:20 PM - Posted by HeavyG (not verified)

I will believe it when I see it. I learned long ago not to fall for leaks.

September 22, 2013 | 01:05 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

hahaha ,,, Nvidia is just waiting to release the other cards. Gud luck Hawaii

September 22, 2013 | 10:22 PM - Posted by Branthog

Starting to get the itch to upgrade my two 4gb 670s, but after the ATI 5970 from a few years ago, I'm really doubting it's going to be a move to ATI again this time.

September 22, 2013 | 10:50 PM - Posted by renz (not verified)

they said it was more efficient than titan. how much transistor they have inside the chip and what kind of power consumption they have when they said this chip is more efficient than titan?

September 22, 2013 | 11:26 PM - Posted by MONKEYpatch (not verified)

playtime is over nvidia!

September 23, 2013 | 12:04 AM - Posted by arbiter

With 0 markings on the card, got no way to know what this really is this all suspect. If this guy got the card from AMD, i doubt AMD would gave it to him without an NDA.

September 23, 2013 | 12:56 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Console gamer? get the f*** of here! this site is intended for PC gamers.. not console gamer (PROVOKER) like you moron!

September 23, 2013 | 08:29 AM - Posted by Mr.Llama (not verified)

Im wondering how the hell he came out with console is better than PC from this article.

Its sad there are still people out there with that mentality

September 23, 2013 | 01:00 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

We'll have to wait and see how far the new R9-290X can hold a reliable 24/7 overclock and compare that to a 1100+ MHz Titan (many can do this) or at least a 1GHz Titan (almost all can do this). Currently only the numbers compared to stock Nvidia cards have to been leaked. for consoles...GTFO. Even the newest gen aren't any faster than a 5 year old top of the line PC.

September 23, 2013 | 01:46 PM - Posted by SwissBeatz (not verified)

As far as AMD's progress is concerned on releasing new products being it
their Radeon R9 "Hawaii" series gpu nVidia can't do nothing about it as
of now and probably couldn't do nothing about it till next year.
Regarding AMD's sales strategy, prices of the enthusiast to hi-end
segment of the Radeon 7000 series are already slashed down at most
major online Pc and Tech stores including those hi-to-mid level models
and with that, its really hurting nVidia's profit big time and to make
things worse for nVidia, AMD's awesome game bundle strategy on their
"Never settle" scheme is also affecting them, in order for nVidia to keep
up when it comes to sales they must slash down their major product's
prices to a large margin just to be competitive since the
"Price-to-performance" ratio of the enthusiast to hi-end segment of
AMD's Rad models are hard to beat.

I dont know about nVidia's strategy and its plans right now as far as
these matters is concerned BUT, talking about NEWS, they have something in
store and they are going to release sometime in the coming weeks and
some Tech sites are already assuming that it's a new GPU, frankly saying a
lot of peeps dont have any idea whether it's a dual Titan or dual 780gtx
video card or something a bit new but one thing's for sure, whatever it is
it's gonna be faster than Titan and it's gonna be expensive, tho i could
only guess... :-)

September 23, 2013 | 02:25 PM - Posted by BBMan (not verified)

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of other early AMD information ...

Like Barcelona and Bulldozer :p

September 26, 2013 | 01:33 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Do we get a free trip to Hawaii ?

September 29, 2013 | 10:32 PM - Posted by Sharmoot (not verified)

Hoping crossfire problems r fixed and eyefinity with any three ports is an option. Looks like a great card tho, i just hope this new wave of cards doesnt come with a whole new torrent of issues.

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