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Subject: Graphics Cards | February 23, 2006 - 12:08 PM |

Elite Bastards compares the 2 flavours of X1900, the XT and the XTX, to see exactly what you get for the extra money.  Both are based on the same chips (R580), one is simply clocked higher than the other.  Read the full review to find out which of the 2 cards is the better buy.

"From our brief foray through US retail outlets, it seems as though a $75 price difference between

the X1900 XT and XTX (When it comes to Built By ATI boards) is the best you can find at present,

with many outlets still offering the XTX at a $100 price premium.

It has to be said, there must be some pretty impressive price margins for ATI and its partners

when it comes to sales of Radeon X1900 XTX parts - As far as we are aware, there is no real speed

binning going on with regard to R580 cores, meaning that whether you pick up an X1900 XT or XTX

part your board will most likely be capable of the same clock speeds, with only the card's BIOS

deciding on the clock speeds for the part."

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