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Subject: Graphics Cards | March 3, 2006 - 02:04 PM |

3D Chip has posted an article about how a GPU works, in relativly simple terms.  If you want to know why people care more about pipelines than raw speed, and were afraid to ask, this will be worth your while.

"Hello readers and reader, welcome to our new bases series to the subject of graphic cards. Did

you not ask you already often how a GPU is constructed and calculates like it of pictures? Did you

or want to know already always once how AntiAliasing function or various texture filters? In our

bases series to the subject of graphic cards, we will try to explain you all that in simple and

intelligible type and manner. In the first part of our series, it concerns the functional method

of the GPU."

Here are some more Graphics Card articles from around the web:

src="http://www.pcper.com/site_gfx/icon-video-small.gif" alt="Click Here to go to Video Cards"


Graphics Cards

@ GamePyre

  • HREF="http://www.cooltechzone.com/Reviews/Video_Reviews/ATI_X1900XTX%3A_Taking_Over_the_Performanc

    e_Crown_Fiercely_200602222194/" TARGET="_blank">ATI X1900XTX Graphics Card Review @


  • Sapphire X1800 XT @
  • PureOverclock

  • Albatron
  • 6600 512mb DDR2 video card @ Rbmods

    Source: 3DChip

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