EVGA lists new RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition Gaming GPU at $999

Subject: Graphics Cards | October 27, 2018 - 02:13 PM |
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Despite the somewhat disappointing launch of the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, things seem to be getting a bit more interesting. Mainly, NVIDIA's "starting at $999" price point seems to be one step closer to reality with a listing for the RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition Gaming card on EVGA's website today.

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With a rated boost clock speed of 1525 MHz, it appears the RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition isn't overclocked from the factory, leading some credence to the rumors that NVIDIA isn't allowing lower cost RTX cards to be factory overclocked.

Still, there should be no difference in overclocking by the end user, including the use of NVIDIA Scanner to automatically overclock the GPU.

The EVGA website lists no availability information for the RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition, but there is an "auto-notify" option for interested buyers.

At $999, the EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition is still quite an expensive GPU, but a 20% discount is not something to scoff at for what is the most powerful gaming GPU. We look forward to being able to test this card for ourselves in the coming weeks!

Source: EVGA

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October 27, 2018 | 02:42 PM - Posted by Eneq

Ofc. assuming Nvidia doesn't enforce a limited power profile as well...

October 28, 2018 | 07:26 PM - Posted by Anonymousqjeqwe (not verified)

These no doubt worst binned gpu that won't overclock much if at all.

October 27, 2018 | 08:15 PM - Posted by BlackEditionFridaysMaybe (not verified)

There certianly no upwards pricing pressure on the GPU market lately what with any coin mining demand relatively a non factor. But Nvidia maybe should have some better pricing towards the lower end because $999 is still in the costly end on the market. Maybe it's time for a RTX 2060 also but that will have to wait for AMD to maybe begin to put more pressure on the current GTX 1060 competition.

Really wanting to see any teardown and looksee at the VRM solution on this card also. And maybe there can be a little more Ray Tracng and DLSS testing and Third Party Benchmarks that can better gauge the new IP.

October 27, 2018 | 10:10 PM - Posted by Godrilla

I love news when prices go down all to realize how overinflated it really is.

October 27, 2018 | 10:21 PM - Posted by Chris Booker (not verified)

give me a GTX2080ti at what the price point of the 1080ti when it was release.. I dont need or want 1st gen RTX or DLSS.

October 27, 2018 | 11:06 PM - Posted by Faggot (not verified)

I see that price and all I see is NEIN NEIN NEIN!!!

October 28, 2018 | 03:31 AM - Posted by ColossalCollapse (not verified)

+1 Hehe...

October 27, 2018 | 11:21 PM - Posted by Godrilla

Seen it first here $699 2080


October 29, 2018 | 03:55 PM - Posted by Godrilla

Is this true failing 2080tis on the rise?


October 30, 2018 | 10:24 PM - Posted by Mutation666

Yeah 2080ti failure rate makes their only new 20xx cards worth the price in a way (you want the fastest) less appealing

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