Is ATI Close with Multi GPU Technology?

Subject: Graphics Cards | March 11, 2005 - 11:34 AM |

Fudo at the Inquirer seems to think so... 

Anyway ATI has its marchitecture ready and we learned that you will be able to do ATI Multiple VPU with two different cards. You will be able to plug one X800 and one X850 cards together and faster card will downscale to the slower and will work simultaiously with it.

ATI is showing of its motherboard supporting ATI Multiple VPU powered with two Radeon X850 XT PE cards or should we use R480 codenames. This ough to be faster than two times 6800 Ultra than Nvidia has to offer and upcomming R520 times two might be a very fast solution. I guess ATI is readier with its Multiple VPU than many would have thought.

Source: The Inquirer