AMD Releases New Generation of Radeon Pro Workstation Cards

Subject: Graphics Cards | November 7, 2016 - 09:32 AM |
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The professional card market is a lucrative one.  For many years NVIDIA has had a near strangle-hold on it with their Quadro series of cards.  Offering features and extended support far beyond that of their regular desktop cards, Quadros became the go-to cards for many professional applications.  AMD has not been overlooking this area though and have had a history of professional cards that have also included features and support not seen in the standard desktop arena.  AMD has slowly been chipping away at Quadro’s marketshare and they hope that today’s announcement will help further that particular goal.

It has now been around five months since the initial release of the Polaris based graphics cards from AMD.  Featuring the 4th generation GCN architecture and fabricated on Samsung’s latest 14nm process, the RX 4x0 series of chips have proven to be a popular option in the sub-$250 range of cards.  These products may not have been the slam-dunk that many were hoping from AMD, they have kept the company competitive in terms of power and performance.  AMD has also seen a positive impact from the sales of these products on the overall bottom line.

Today AMD is announcing three new professional cards based on the latest Polaris based GPUs.  These range in power and performance from a sub 50 watt part up to a very reasonable 130 watts.  These currently do not feature the SSD that was shown off earlier this year.

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The lowest end offering is the Radeon Pro WX 4100.  This is a low profile, single slot card that consumes less than 50 watts.  It features 1024 stream units, which is greater than that of the desktop RX 460’s 896.  The WX 4100 features 2.4 TFLOPS of performance while the RX 460 is at 2.2 TFLOPS.  AMD did not specify exactly what chips were used in the professional cards, but the assumption here is that this one is a fully enabled Polaris 11.

The power consumption of this card is probably the most impressive part.  Also of great interest is the DP 1.4 support and the four outputs.  Finally the card supports 5K monitors at 60 Hz.  This is a small, quiet, and cool running part that features the entire AMD Radeon Enterprise software support of the professional market.

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The next card up is the Pro WX 5100.  This features a sub 75 watt GPU that runs 1792 stream units.  We guess that this chip is a cut down Polaris 10.  On the desktop side it is similar to the RX 470, but that particular card features more stream units and a faster clockspeed.  The RX 470 is rated at 4.9 TFLOPS while the WX 5100 is at 3.9 TFLOPS.  Fewer stream units and a lower clockspeed allow it to hit that sub-75 watt figure.

It supports the same number of outputs as the 4100, but they are full sized DP.  The card is full sized but still only single slot due to the very conservative TDP.

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The final card is the WX 7100.  This is based on the fully enabled Polaris 10 GPU and is physically similar to the RX 480.  They both feature 2304 stream units, but the WX 7100 is slightly clocked down from the RX 480 as it features 5.7 TFLOPS of performance vs. 5.8 TFLOPS.  The card is rated below 130 watts TDP which is about 20 watts lower than a standard RX 480.  AMD did not explain to us how they were able to lower the TDP of this card, but it could be simple binning of parts or an upcoming revision of Polaris 10 to improve thermals.

This card is again full sized but single slot.  It features the same 4 DP connectors as the WX 5100 and the full monitor support that the 1.4 standard entails.

These products will see initial availability for this month.  Plans may of course change and they will be introduced slightly later.  Currently the 7100 and 4100 are expected after the 10th while the 5100 should show up on the 18th.

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AMD is also releasing the Radeon Pro Software.  This is essentially their professional driver development that improves upon features, stability, and performance over time.  AMD aims to release new drivers for this market every 4th Thursday each quarter.

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This is certainly an important area for AMD to address with their new cards and this updated software scheme.  NVIDIA has made a pretty penny over the years from their Quadro stack due to the extremely robust margins for these cards.  The latest generation of AMD Radeon Pro WX cards look to stack up favorably against the latest products from NVIDIA.

The WX 7100 will come in at a $799 price point, while the WX 5100 and WX 4100 will hit $499 and $399 respectively.

Source: AMD

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November 7, 2016 | 10:49 AM - Posted by Anonymously Anonymous (not verified)

Binning is the key word here. Polaris really can be very power efficient, but those those chips are put where the real money is made, in professional solutions, like cards referenced by Josh, or in things like medical imaging equipment,etc. But alas, regular desktop cards get bottom-o-barrel(for the most part, flagships probably not as much).
Adored TV talks about it here about Polaris efficiency:

Polaris Efficiency - Truth or Myth?

November 7, 2016 | 11:29 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

AMD products have NO place in the workplace where downtime/efficiency/support are top concerns.

None of us will ever suggest using AMD Video Cards ever again, after their atrocious failure rates, power problems, and industry-reknowned nonexistent support.

FUCK AMD. Junk products from junk company that keeps most of its assets offshore in order to dodge BILLIONS in taxes, unlike Nvidia who makes great products and pays their taxes.

November 7, 2016 | 11:49 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Really would you bad hair folks just stop with your ranting! Nvidia is the great overcharger and gimper of SP/DP FP compute resources. AMD does not have to offshore any assets AMD's has no net profits with which to offshore. AMD manufactures its GPUs in the Same regions that Nvidia does, it's just that AMD's products are much more affordable and offer more compute/dollar than Nvidia's overpriced kit!

November 7, 2016 | 04:42 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

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November 8, 2016 | 12:16 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Wow Nvidia has a problem on its hands, look at Nvidia's average fanboy. Green teeth, sister wife, and kids with webbed feet!

November 15, 2016 | 10:13 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

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November 19, 2016 | 09:56 PM - Posted by ross greenlees (not verified)

woah mate.

November 7, 2016 | 02:06 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Supposedly in 2011, an article on the Internet, a great source of knowledge and information that isn't at all somewhat false in the slightest, stated that Nvidia only payed 2.2% in taxes during the 2005-2009 period.

November 7, 2016 | 03:23 PM - Posted by pdjblum

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November 7, 2016 | 03:59 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

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November 7, 2016 | 04:28 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

A little more effort and that would have been a nice poem, kiddo.

November 7, 2016 | 04:42 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

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November 7, 2016 | 05:00 PM - Posted by pdjblum

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November 8, 2016 | 11:03 AM - Posted by Anonymously Anonymous (not verified)

What is funny is that anyone can create a "registered account", and still be anonymous. That account gets banned? just make up another one and still remain anon.
PCPer has put very little speed bumps in this process, and it is their fault it continues to be this way. Don't be mad at someone taking advantage of the system in place, be upset at PCPer for not doing better to slow this down.
Personally, and while I think having an shared anon account is ridiculous, I'll continue to take advantage of it because I'm lazy and don't want to be inconvenienced by logging in. But then I can create multitudes of anon "registered" accounts and be right back where we are...
So carry on wiht your crusade, maybe PCPer might actually change it at some point.

November 7, 2016 | 05:38 PM - Posted by Bianchi4me (not verified)

Bahaha! AMD dodging taxes?!?

AMD has been LOSING money for years.

You pay taxes when you make a PROFIT.

Geez, I know trolls just say idiotic stuff to get attention, but even by troll standards this dude is hella dumb.

November 7, 2016 | 11:37 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Now AMD has 3 classes of GPU cards, the Fury/RX GPUs for consumer gaming(Gaming Drivers), the Radeon Pro cards that do not have the professional/ECC hardware features but can be used with certified professional drivers(See the so called Macbook Pro SKUs, Apple writes their own drivers), and the Radeon Pro WX cards which come with the full ECC hardware features and the certified professional drivers.

That Radeon Pro Duo does not have the Full WX hardware feature set like ECC memory but it still can be used for software development, number crunching and such, it just can not be used in any production environments where ECC hardware is essential. The WX cards are the real "FirePro"(Formally called/branded) production ready SKUs that have all the hardware error correction features and make use of the certified professional drivers.

The Macbook Pro is definitely not a portable workstation class device, professional workstation devices have ECC memory and memory options way above 16GB of DDR4 memory. Leave it to the marketing folks to abusing that Pro naming and causing so much naming Obfuscation. AMD really needs to get more Linux OS workstation business so professionals can get away from both M$’s and Apple’s closed ecosystems that really only cater to the LCD and not the real professional users.

November 8, 2016 | 06:33 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Users here do not like AMD news it looks like.

November 8, 2016 | 08:27 AM - Posted by Mobile_Dom

man i kinxa want that WX7100 instead of the rx 480. single slot coolers, yes please

November 8, 2016 | 12:30 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

It's not for gaming it comes with non gaming drvers that are tuned for accuracy and not FPS. Also ECC/memory hardware on the pro versions costs more along with the professional driver certification process for the professional graphics software which accounts for a lot of the higher pricing on the Pro WX SKUs. These SKUs are for professional usage and not gaming and you will not get the same FPS from these SKUs.

Gamers need to step back and keep their hand off! As these SKUs are not for gaming and those crappy gimped gaming drivers! These SKUs are for professional workloads where the real results matter for actual work and not play!

November 8, 2016 | 09:30 PM - Posted by stalin (not verified)

You cannot lose money, the modern way of looking at money is the same as energy; That is you can exchange but never destroy.
Alas economist are as thick as shit and know nothing of entropy, nor the fact that the only thing you can do with money is print it. This why evrything you buy is priced in Roman denarius.

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