AMD Drops Radeon HD 7990 to $699 with 8 Free Games

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An interesting bit of information just came to PC Perspective this morning and it revolves around the price of the AMD Radeon HD 7990.  If the title didn't tip you off, we have found that is listing various HD 7990 dual-Tahiti graphics cards for $699!!

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When the card launched in April, it had a retail price of $999 and since then had come down to the ~$880 range.  Today though, AMD has definitely made an aggressive move against NVIDIA by lowering the price of its flagship product a full $300.

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Not only that, but the Radeon HD 7990 6GB dual-GPU card will still include 8 free PC games, while supplies last.  As part of the Never Settle series of bundles, the HD 7990 includes Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and Deus Ex.  If you don't own all or some of those titles, that makes the HD 7990 price drop even MORE appealing.

The Radeon HD 7990 hasn't been a card to avoid controversy.  Our initial review of the card showed that CrossFire scaling was resulting in very poor perceived performance and our Frame Rating system was able to detail how and why very precisely.  But on August 1st, AMD released a new Catalyst 13.8 driver that introduced a frame pacing fix for the problem for single monitor (non 4K) users. 

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I would highly encourage any user thinking about buying the Radeon HD 7990 to read over my Catalyst 13.8 updated article to see if the hardware makes sense for you.  With a $699 price tag, compared to the $999 of the GeForce GTX 690 or GTX TITAN from NVIDIA, the product is spectacularly interesting as long as you don't use multi-display Eyefinity or one of the new 4K dual-head displays like the ASUS PQ321Q

For gamers that are using a single panel though, hopefully at 2560x1440 or 2560x1600, this price drop might turn things around.  Check out those new $699 prices at Newegg!


Source: Newegg

August 7, 2013 | 01:24 PM - Posted by Dan (not verified)

I wouldn't be surprised in AMD is experiencing an extreme drop in sales both because of the new nVidia products and with consumers awaiting the Xbone/PS4 launches.

August 7, 2013 | 02:26 PM - Posted by mAxius

i would counter saying the new nvidia products are just old nvidia products rebranded. amd decided to do the best thing before the console launches and drop the price of its dual gpu solution to hit nvidia in the moneymaker. i mean honestly is a dual nvidia card at 1k even viable due to amd's price cut i think not

August 7, 2013 | 03:26 PM - Posted by renz (not verified)

amd try to play 'premium' game but obviously it does not work with them. in the consumer eyes amd will always be alternative choice for better value. this price drop no doubt will be good for consumer but i don't think amd was happy with it.

August 7, 2013 | 05:01 PM - Posted by mAxius

with the next set of 28nm chippery to come out in the next 3 months i think this was a good move from a performance standpoint as nvidia has not a damn thing to match it at its current price point. lets get this straight both nvidia and amd are premium brands when it comes to gpu's period

August 7, 2013 | 05:29 PM - Posted by imadman

People who buy this level of a gpu are not going to wait for a console that for the entire unit costs half of these gpu's...

August 7, 2013 | 01:45 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

newegg being newegg...

August 7, 2013 | 02:28 PM - Posted by mAxius

the is why i use the hover hound addon to shop newegg but with amazon comparisons right in the same window amazon prime wins 90% of the time

August 7, 2013 | 05:10 PM - Posted by Terminashunator (not verified)

This makes me a little excited. Well, would get me excited if i had $700. And a bigger PSU

August 7, 2013 | 06:31 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

unlike me i am getting one of these ,,because of the bundle .
thanks Ryan for the this ,,cuz i was definitely going with the gtx 780 ,,
also i wish the drivers will hopefully get better

August 7, 2013 | 06:38 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

is it a limited-time offer ?

August 7, 2013 | 06:56 PM - Posted by renz (not verified)

i don't think so. rumor has it this card will be discontinued soon so maybe amd just want to flush any remaining cards in the market

August 8, 2013 | 11:48 AM - Posted by tim (not verified)

AMD frame time fail...I will get an NVIDIA.

August 9, 2013 | 01:10 AM - Posted by Can you even read? (not verified)

Left side of graph... LOWER is better.

But nvidiots will buy what nvidiots will buy...

August 13, 2013 | 05:40 PM - Posted by snook

PCPER is the bomb. the price is what it is. it's fasster and less expensive. that seems to me a win.

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