An utter lack of availability and an impending deadline may see Win10 match it's predecessor this year

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It wasn't easy, but finally after three years, Windows 10 might see adoption rates as high as Windows 7!  It merely took removing the ability to purchase a machine with Windows 7 installed, or installation media to start the trend.  The lack of non-security updates for the past three years, along with the announced end of any support for Win7 at the beginning of 2020 also seems to have helped.  Like it or not, Microsoft have finally found a way to get people to adopt Win10, with 37.44% of machines using it, a mere 3.44% less than Win7; at least according to the numbers The Inquirer sourced

Also worth noting is Android and its wild array of difference personalities has the top spot globally, running a hair over 40% of all connected devices globally.

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"The monthly numbers from Netmarketshare show 40.88 per cent of desktop users on Windows 7, with Windows 10 at 37.44 per cent, just 3.44 behind as we head into the busy period of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Santa's subsequent annual giveaway."

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October 1, 2018 | 06:45 PM - Posted by ForceThisLordsOfRedmond (not verified)

Don't let M$ fool you with their Phony Windows 10 user numbers after all many are reimaging those with windows 7 and other OSs. And any enterprises/government/schools or other folks with volume/special agreements can purchase extra windows 7 security fixes until 2023 after M$'s business/Government customers said no way to that windows 10 Candy Crush of OS versions that eternally stays in Beta mode.

Only the consumer will mostly not get windows 7 updates after 2020, and many consumers rocking windows 7 Pro in the last few years after windows 8 Pro TIFKAMed its way onto laptops/PCs got their windows 8/8.1 Pro laptops/PCs with a windows 8/8.1 sticker on the bottom of the PC/laptop! But the device was factory "downgraded" to windows 7 Pro because that's what sold laptops/PCs to many business users and consumers with half a brain who where smart enough to purchase PC/Laptop branded under the OEMs' business brands like Probook/others.

My current ProBook may just get 8 installed and then very quickly updated to 8.1 after 2020 with some third party software to turn all that TIFKAM nonsense off and that can last until 2023 when Windows 8.1 stops getting security updates. When I purchased My probook with That Winddows 8 Pro Sticker on the Bottom the laptop came with it's Windows 8 Pro License and those wonderful Pro edition Downgrade to 7 rights that HP did for me at the Factory. So windows 8 Pro with those 8.1 Pro Upgrade rights are an option to not get any Windows 10 Candy Cruhed up the bottom end until the cows come home in 2023.

My Older Laptops can live with a Linux Distro if I can not find out any Registry Hacks to get any extended windows 7 security updates coming after 2020 like the enterprise users will be getting. But Linux should be enough for the older Sandy Bridge and pre-Sandy Bridge clunkers while I wait for some Linux Laptop OEMs to begin offering Laptops with AMD's Raven Ridge/Newer APU based offerings.

I have not Purchased any new Laptop hardware that comes with that Windows 10 Forced edition with all the spying and continued forcing up the A$$ with more spyware/bloatware and Candy Crush shoved alongside for good measure from the Lords of Redmond!

It was the windows 7 factory downgrade out of the box that sold me on that Ivy Bridge Probook laptop in the first place. But My yearly Laptop Upgrade Cycle has been History ever since with the Old Probook(Running Windows 7 Pro) still chugging along with one key that no longer works on its Keyboard. It's going to take years for windows 7 to go away for those who will still pay for extended security updates that Redmond has been forced to offer business/Government/other clients until 2023 for a yearly fee.

And Folks like Me with windows 8/8.1 stickers on the bottom and the rights to 8/8.1 with the Third Party TIFKAM-Go-Away software installed, and sure windows 8/8.1's default UI sucks but at least there is no Forcing of any "Updates".

Watch M$ drive down the PC/laptop market even fruther with most choosing some other options and more folks working from their phones/tablets that do not Run any of Redmond's product. That god awful 10 with that terrible forcing and more folks choosing other options. Apple is going to sell plenty more MacBooks in 2020 and 2023 and hopefully some Linux Laptop OEMs will begin Using AMD's APUs because the Graphics is sure a hell of a lot better than what Intel offers currently.

October 2, 2018 | 12:57 AM - Posted by Hakuren

M$ hasn't found anything. I was using XP for good 6 years after 7 hit the market. Stopped using XP only when old machine was just beyond help in therm of performance. Now I have only one W10 machine and multitude of W7. At least all W7 PCs have good life expectancy with some spare boards and CPUs M$ can choke it.

On W10 I don't install any updates. Last major one done on 18th May screwed more things that I care to mention. Ignoring of course fact that updater set everything to "default" crapware mode, even bloody fonts which took me so much time to change.

I'll go Linux or build Hackintosh (since at least I know that two programs I using have Mac versions without the need of emulators or VMs) because 'Abomination10 circus by M$' stopped to be entertaining basically at the very beginning of "the show".

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