A new species of bug to infest your box

Subject: General Tech | January 10, 2006 - 12:01 PM |

Windows Meta File vulnerabilities are being focused on by many right now, even with the patch Microsoft released on the 5th.  The reason is mostly because of the nature of the flaw, and how easy it is to infect an unpatched machine.  You do not have to interact at all, no installation, not even a pop-up box; simply viewing a picture on a website that contains malicious code can infect you.  Patch 'em if you got 'em!

"The critical flaw, in the way Windows Meta File images are handled, is different than any

security vulnerability the software maker has dealt with in the past, Kevin Kean and Debby Fry

Wilson, directors in Microsoft's Security Response Center, said in an interview with CNET

News.com. Typical flaws are unforeseen gaps in programs that hackers can take advantage of and run

code. By contrast, the WMF problem lies in a software feature being used in an unintended way."

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