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Kids these days get all the cool toys, not just G.I. Joe's with missiles that actually fire and portable gaming devices capable of more colours than light and dark green.  Mission Street Manufacturing's Printeer is a way to get kids interested in 3D printing and creating their own masterpieces, though at an estimated $550 it will likely be limited to schools and clubs as opposed to having their own printer.  The interface is a drawing program on an iPad, something that will be quite familiar to most children but now they will have the opportunity to print out their creations.  The printer is transparent as you can see from the picture at Engadget which allows these young makers to watch their creation made right in front of their eyes, a great way to get them excited about making things and a lot more fun than ShrinkyDinks!

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"If Mission Street Manufacturing's Printeer hits its crowdfunding goal, though, children will have a 3D printer they can truly call their own. All you need to create a plastic masterpiece with Printeer is an iPad and a basic ability to draw. There's no scary-looking CAD programs or other intermediary tools."

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Source: Engadget

June 17, 2014 | 10:40 PM - Posted by collie

So here how this is gona work, same in the classroom as in the office. Set it up, super excited gang standing around it, load in the image, and its off. 5-15 mins later someone asks "When is it going to start?" "It's already started, its printing now." "when is it going to be ready?" "Well the simple 10 layer business card with your name on it will be ready in 16 hours." "Can we play outside now?" crowd disperses. We are in the earliest beta stages of 3d printing, like when apple had the Tasman Turtle (look it up younglings) It seems like a cool idea, it is neat in commercials, but ultimately useless TODAY. Oh well I hope the dudes at Mission Street make some money at least. We live in a world where they are forced to monetize way earlier than necessary in order to fund true development.

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