The coming difficulties of getting Intel Inside your computer

Subject: General Tech | September 27, 2018 - 03:27 PM |
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Two different sources have confirmed there will be a shortage of Intel processors over the coming months, Novatch and Compal Electronics, with no clear end in sight.  This is not necessarily due to the difficulties they've encountered moving to a new fabrication node, but that certainly can't help.  Demand for Xeon processors has climbed quickly and Intel is scrambling to provide supply.  They do suggest they are focusing specifically on Xeon and Core processor production; one might point out that is the vast majority of their business and so of course they are.

This is a huge opportunity for AMD, the EPYC product line is in stock, less expensive and certainly capable of the level of performance that Enterprise requires, let alone SMBs.  A shortage of Core series also opens up an opportunity for system builders to start providing Ryzen based systems for consumers.  Their lower cost GPUs may also see a spike in sales in the coming months if the price of NVIDIA's RTX cards increase beyond their current level. 

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"In a warning to customers on Thursday, Novatech said that the shortage has been caused by high demand for Intel's Xeon data centre microprocessors, which Intel has chosen to prioritise over consumer and business PC demands."

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September 27, 2018 | 05:28 PM - Posted by IntelNelsonSaysHaHa (not verified)

Yes now that there is a shortage of Intel SKUs, With Intel's Dogfood Graphics by the way, maybe more Laptop OEMs will begin to move away from that Craptacular Intel Branded Ultrabook(TM) Scheme thin and light laptop form factor with the crappy thermal limitations.

My hope is that AMD's Ryzen 7 2800H series part(1) at 35W-45W cTDP will become popular in a larger form fator laptop design that has enough cooling to handle 45 Watts.

And did I Say Ultrabooks SUCK! Ultrabooks Really Really Suck more if that's all that the Laptop OEMs ever offer and not one single Line of Regular form factor laptops from the BIG laptop OEMs that can easily handle cooling a 35W-45W Laptop APU.


"AMD Ryzen™ 7 2800H"

September 27, 2018 | 05:59 PM - Posted by YummyQualcommPatentEntrailsIP (not verified)

From Your Tech Talk sub-headlines:

"• Oh, and another thing, Qualcomm tells court: Apple handed Intel our chipping source code @ The Register"

The problem with Qualcomm is that instead of Qualcomm just wanting to sell its Radio Parts to Apple/Other Phone OEMs at a Fair Set Price well Qualcomm, like a Racketeer, wanted a percentage cut of the Apple's/Other Phone OEMs total sale price action.

So while I'm no fan of Apple, Qualcomm has no rights demanding any percentage cut of any Phone OEM's total Sale Price Action.

So Ha Ha for Qualcomm, the poor little Gangsters, when they get screwed by any others.

Apple and all the other Phone OEM's with rather large market caps should just buy Qualcomm up and split up all of Qualcomms IP into a shared IP Pool and have anyone able to license that standards essential Patent IP. Buy Qualcomm Up and slice and dice and create a FRAND Pool of Patent IP out of Qualcomm's IP entrails!

That will put a stop to Qualcomm's Racketeering!

September 28, 2018 | 12:20 AM - Posted by ayyynon (not verified)

I read the title and remembered that feel when the pleasure of intel coming inside

October 1, 2018 | 09:47 PM - Posted by MoreBadNewsForBlueBaHaHaHa (not verified)

Oh no Intel's Sky High Margins are going to have to come down to earth(1)! Oh How will Intel Pay those OEMs billions to keep AMD's Raven Ridge APUs out of better laptop builds and Mini-PCs like the Zotac with AMD Raven Ridge inside that never made it to market even after Zotac announced the Zotac ZBOX MA551 Mini-PC at CES 2018 and that ZBOX is still MIA after 8 months!

Down Intel Down all the way to Hell where Paul Otellini resides with his Dell is the best Friend that money could buy Mantra! The burning Pits of Hell where all of Intel's CEOs will eventually reside alongside Intel's Gross Margin declines after they have met up with AMD's Epyc and that price/performance metric!

Big Price WAR indeed and those Zen/Zeppelin dies coming off the difussion lines at better than 80%+ die/wafer yield rates. That's some Damn Nice Glue there for AMD and 4 Zen/Zeppelin DIEs per Epyc MCM and 32 cores and 8 memory channels per socket with 128 PCIe lanes.

How's that 10nm process doing Intel what with TSMC on 7nm as is Samsung also on 7nm. Where are the dancing cleanroom suit folks now, Intel, with that 10nm process nothing to dance about with that many years of being continously moved back to the see you later fab node process lead date. All those billions of Contra Revenue wasted on trying to buy your way into mobile/phone processor market and Intel you let your Fab Process node lead slip away while your CPU Micro-Arch was not improved very much at all! and then the Meltdown, Spectre, and TLBleed hardware bugs reared their heads.

Billions and Billions wasted and still no investment for proper fab capacity, Intel, when the market is actually expanding for server SKUs! Oh the painful cuts that will have to come around holiday time and those high markups will have to be lowered still more! So how to hide the Gross Margin figures over the next for business quarters, and that little Parts shortage will not keep your prices/margins high enough when there are now so many alternatives to Xeon out there compared to XMAS past!
High Gross margins in the Time Of Epyc will quickly equate to less market share for you Intel!

Just look at What AMD's Opteron did at one time to Intel's gross margins and Zen/Epyc is a bit more performant than that with the Epyc/SP3 MB platform breaking all records for available 1P and 2P server/MB PCIe lanes offered at 128 PCIe 3.0 lanes for a lower price point than Xeon!


"Barclays downgrades Intel to sell, citing risk of a big price war with AMD"

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