A Windows 9 teaser for the end of September

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Windows 8.1 has not quite been kicked to the curb yet but it has been told to start packing its bags and to look for a job.  On September 30th the rumour is that we will see a teaser of a work in progress version of the new OS.  The build is nowhere near complete and The Register expects changes from the reveal at the BUILD Conference and even more changes before the RTM version arrives.  We can be fairly certain of a less charming desktop which should have something resembling the familiar Start button, although it is quite likely to be somewhat different from the previous incarnations.  Win 8.1 will continue to receive small updates as opposed to a Service Pack, hopefully with less BSoD's than the last batch produced.

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"MICROSOFT WILL REPORTEDLY REVEAL the successor to its Windows 8 operating system on 30 September."

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Source: The Inquirer

August 21, 2014 | 05:11 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Unless M$ can build an OS where all the bloat, and bloatware, and unnecessary services, can be stripped off of the OS, and only the necessary for gaming APIs, and services remain, expect Steam OS to become very popular. Windows 7 will remain the most popular general purpose OS for a while, and will be dual booted with Steam OS. Some will build systems with small general purpose computing systems stacked on top of the gaming rig, the Small system running a VM, and whatever general purpose OSs on the VM, and attach this system to the main gaming rig, Networked Style, and run the gaming system from the networked OS on the general purpose system. The Steam gaming OS running headlessly in a gaming server/system function, with Steam OSs ability to be totally custom streamlined to run games and not have to worry about any CPU cycle stealing Bloatware/OS bloat, that can not be removed from any windows build. Windows 9 can bring back whatever, but Steam OS being so naturally resource efficient, and so customizable, that it will become the OS of choice for gaming, and Windows may still be used on the small stacked on top system, running under a VM, with other OSs, but the main gaming rig at the bottom of the stack, will run a streamlined Steam OS, and the games, and gaming engines. This simple type of computing cluster arrangement will evolve from the HTPCs, and the gaming rigs merged over a networking arrangement, and freeing the gaming rig portion of the pair/cluster from any need to service any general computing functionality while focusing all its system's resources on gaming.

The ability to customize Steam OS(A Debian based Distro) will be a good part of the gaming OS focused movement, and the small form factor systems built around AMD's low cost systems will be used to host the VM that hosts the General purpose OSs, and whatever other OS distros the user needs for everyday work. Windows will not factor into the gaming equation as much, but it still may be used for other things, but not for gaming, as there is not default ability to reduce/remove the unnecessary for gaming parts of the windows OS. Gaming rigs are starting to evolve into gaming servers, and will be remotely administrated from, and serve gaming to, multiple devices networked to the gaming rig around the house.

September 8, 2014 | 01:40 AM - Posted by HiItsMe (not verified)

Windows 8 runs fast. some people just want the old school start menu. i like the metro ui and a start menu with a metro widget as has been rumored to be released with windows 9 is going to be a great. i hope they dont leave previous windows 8 pro users.

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