Windows 10 Caveat Emptor Update

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If you are one of those wise souls who held of on installing to the new Windows 10 Update, so that others can act as the canaries in the coal mine we now have some advice.  If you are running an NVIDIA GPU, ensure you have plenty of space on your OS drive.  There have been reports of users losing files from their drives if there is not enough space for the entire 10GB update to download to; if there isn't enough space then the update deletes all non-system files.  The Inqurier is quick to point out that the tool you would use to resolve this problem, Disk Cleanup, no longer exists once you perform this update.

There have also been reports that systems with certain versions of Intel Display Audio drivers have seen greatly increased CPU usage after the update and this has been draining batteries quickly.  According to The Register, Microsoft is no longer pushing the update to machines that would be affected.  You can check out the driver version here.

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"Usually though, we'd expect it to affect a small number of users. This time however, the problems seem to come from anyone with an Nvidia GPU and anyone… erm… with files."

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October 5, 2018 | 02:31 PM - Posted by CaedenV (not verified)

I would add to this anyone with a laptop with WiFi lol.
Have tried it on 4 different HP laptops so far, all of which started having WiFi issues. The newer 3 had Bios updates from last summer which seem to fix this, but the 4th model is older and I am not expecting an update for that one. All of these are using built in WiFi.
Also, on 2 computers (1 laptop, 1 desktop) this update has triggered the TPM module and we had to dredge up the encryption key to unlock the devices... so have that ready as well.
A good friend of mine runs IT for a 'work from home' company, and he said that several of his users are having all sorts of laptop issues. Mostly WiFi related, but some are stuck in infinite loops.

... I mean, I had no such troubles with insider builds... Did MS just not give us what we have been testing the past 2 months?
That said. My desktop at home got the update and is working just fine... so YMMV :)

October 5, 2018 | 02:37 PM - Posted by ColossalCollapse (not verified)

Well, one might argue that Microsoft's "Experiences & Devices" group is consistently and reliably delivering on what is expected from it. You just have to choose the "right" expectations... ;-)

October 5, 2018 | 03:19 PM - Posted by Jgr9 (not verified)

So, like less then a week ago, we decided to uninstall OneDrive from my grandfather's computer because it was re-organizing things in his "Windows Libraries" as Microsoft keeps insisting on calling them, and it was driving him crazy.

We made sure that he had all his files offline and directly on the drive. After unlinking his account, making sure the files were there, and uninstalling OneDrive, it seemed like everything was fine.

October update comes to him a few days ago. His entire Documents folder and Pictures folder are completely empty. I checked his Windows.old folder, and those folders weren't even there.

OneDrive did not re-install itself (at least not yet).

Extremely luckily, at least for us, he had a File History backup that runs on the hour, though it itself can be notably strange and buggy, at least if you don't restore files through the wizard and try to look at them directly.

So we have that stuff. But how the hell did this happen, because it's extremely scary.

These were the 'default' Windows folders on the C Drive. We made sure everything was there and offline before unlinking and uninstalling OneDrive. After uninstalling OneDrive, the files were fine. Then a couple days later, the Windows feature update does its thing and everything in Documents and Photos is gone, and supposedly not in the revert-update backup.

This was with an Office 365 subscription, if that makes a difference with OneDrive, but I specifically looked and after uninstalling, these folders no longer visibly had any link to OneDrive anymore and also not in a "OneDrive" folder. Yet after the Windows Feature update, the files were gone.

I suspect that the originals could possibly be sitting somewhere where we can't find, and maybe even Windows can't find? But what the hell..... File History is an awkward thing, but my god we have those files still. like holy hell... I can't.... jeez

October 5, 2018 | 10:38 PM - Posted by Odizzido2 (not verified)

I am amazed people use w10. What a shit os, the worst one they've ever made.

October 6, 2018 | 10:39 AM - Posted by ClipThisW10PeasantsItsBOHICAtimeAgain (not verified)

"Windows 10 Caveat Emptor Update"

Windows 10 Completely Empties your user libraries to the bit bucket. So all of you Windows 10 BETAs can kiss your data goodby.

Clippy Pops up: I can see that Windows 10 has sent all of your precious data to a Black Hole! Could I annoy you while you break down in tears!

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