Why not go for a cool 100,000 cores

Subject: General Tech | March 30, 2006 - 11:44 AM |

Cray is working on the first computer to break the petaflop boundary, and what they are putting together to do that is just amazing.  Read more about the stats of this machine at The Inquirer.

"IT LOOKS LIKE Cray is starting to come back a bit, this time with a box made from 24,000 quad

core 2.6GHz Opterons.

That said, it is aiming at 187 or 400TB of memory, claimed to be cost related, but I think it

gets a volume discount after 100TB. It is also putting 11 petabytes of disk space on the beast.

With all of this, it is aiming to be the first to break the one petaflop barrier, but IBM is said

to be in the race with Blue Gene."

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  • Source: The Inquirer

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