Why hack into Apple devices when the userbase is willing to pay to have their device infected?

Subject: General Tech | September 10, 2018 - 01:10 PM |
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Adware Doctor is a $5.00 app available on the macOS app store which is a rip off of Malwarebytes for Mac with some extra data harvesting included.  The app will grab all your history from Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and send it off to parts unknown as well as a list of running processes which implies it can get around Apple's sandbox implementation.  The researchers who discovered this also informed The Register of other apps which have the same behaviour, including Open Any Files, Dr. Antivirus, and Dr. Cleaner.  The new version of macOS, due in the near future, should ameliorate this issue but in the mean time you should check what apps you have installed on your devices and reconsider your next purchase on the App Store carefully.

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"As Wardle – an expert in Apple security – noted, Adware Doctor, which sold for $4.99, was the fourth-highest grossing app in the "Paid Utilities" category of the macOS App Store."

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Source: The Register

September 10, 2018 | 01:56 PM - Posted by Grug (not verified)

Yes, but malware for MacOS is so much more streamlined and elegant. Totally worth the extra charge.

September 10, 2018 | 02:29 PM - Posted by NotEnoughChipsToEvenDoubleDip (not verified)

"•Intel to outsource 14nm chip production due to tight supply"

Ha GF should just License TSMC's 7nm process if it can and make more chips for AMD after 14nm runs its course. But I guess that GF is still busy with plenty of Epyc Production at 14nm what with all the need for server CPUs lately. AMD is going to make out great beacuse of Intel's lack of forsight in the server market! And those Zen/Zeppelin DIEs yield rate being above 80% will mean that AMD can meet more demand. Hell GF should just rent the lines to TSMC for any 7nm production if available. But GF is doing nicely with 14nm and SOI production and that custom ASIC busienss will make due with licensed 7nm process nodes from Samsung/others.

HP is already telling its customers if they can't get Intel's Xeon then they can get HP's Epyc line of SKUs instead. It looks like Intel Mothballed to much fab lines and should have kept more 14nm fab production online!

GF is sure going to still be making more 14nm Epyc parts even with TSMC ramping up at 7nm for Zen/2 Epyc/Rome production there is such a great need for server SKUs at the moment, 14nm or smaller. GF will be making 14nm Epyc parts for a some years to come what with all the demand and that usual 5+ years of product support/product availabliity required by the server market.

Look what a lunchtime abomination that Brian Krasandwitch made up with sliced IOT/Mobile poop and billions of wasted dollars on Contra Revenue for Intel instead of properly investing in the fab/process node part of the business.

So much for that Real Chip Companies own their own fabs and Goofy Brian has already gotten his Golden Parachute and floated on down to club med and the easy life! Ah ha Ha HA!

September 11, 2018 | 06:42 AM - Posted by Anonymousee (not verified)

You don't get paid if you spam the wrong story.

September 10, 2018 | 06:47 PM - Posted by ReallySmartPhonesAreForTheDumbestFools (not verified)

"Adware Doctor is a $5.00"

So that's just to remove others adware and only use Adware Doctored software that does exactly what the adware is doing, slurping all your metrics in order to sell that to the ad pushers!

WTF it's best to get rid of all those damn Apps and only use the phone as a phone to make and recieve phone calls!

Even the antivirus/firewall software on PCs is starting to go too far with all of their cloud backup nonsence. I'd gladly pay more for just the antivirus/firewall parts and they can shove the rest of that un-needed/un-wanted functionality up their nether dark regons. You here that Symantec/Norton, just the F-ing antivirus/firewall protection functionality and nothing the F--K else!

We need a serious world wide economic depression for a good 10 years to run all thse folks out of business!

I had to buy a damn smartphone because the damn GSM only radio in my flip-phone no longer allowed for reception in my building so when the smartphone goes hopefully there will be some flip-phones with G4/G5 radios and a very dumb OS(No Applications needed) for making and recieving phone calls.

Maybe Apple should require that apps developers place half of their revenue stream into an escrow account for the first year and have that escrow accout held up for the application developer's lifetime of membership to the Apple App Store. With that money forfeited if the App breaks the rules.

But Really the Technology Economy Sucks and maybe a good old economic depression is the best medicine to fix all that Technology Corruption.

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