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The findings from Peddie Research for Q2 2018 are in and they show a bit of shrinkage, with the JPR reports, overall PC market decreasing 4.9%, and GPU shipments decreasing 1.5% when compared to Q2 2017.  When you break it down into the three competitors you see AMD dropping 12.3%, NVIDIA shrinking 7% and Intel seeing an increase 3%.  Intel's increase likely indicates lower cost systems which do not ship with a GPU but instead rely on Intel's HD graphics.  This is evidenced by the finding that discrete GPUs were in a mere 32.83% of PCs sold, dropping over 6% and actual discrete GPU sales were down almost 28%  from last quarter.

There is a silver lining to this cloud as these sharp drops could very well indicate the end of the mining craze which has been driving GPU sales and prices higher recently.

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"The PC market is showing more stabilization, and now seems to have shaken off the gold rush fever of crypto-mining, overall volume slipped, albeit with bright spots for the market here and there."

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August 31, 2018 | 04:32 PM - Posted by NeedsMorePieChartsWithWippedCreamAndCherryOnTop (not verified)

"Intel's increase likely indicates lower cost systems which do not ship with a GPU but instead rely on Intel's HD graphics.'

Really should you not be calling Intel's graphics Integrated HD Graphics and AMD does have on the market a Zen/Vega-Integrated Graphics "Raven Ridge"(APU) line of SKUs. So AMD's/Nvidia's shrinkage can as you have said be most be attributed to the coin mining damand going bust. It was That very same drop in GPU demand that resulted in Nvidia's decline that also is leaving Nvidia with some excess Pascal stocks remaining.

Nvidia should have learned from AMD's past coin mining mistake when that fickle coin mining market resulted in AMD getting burned also with loads of unsold GPU inventory that had to be written down on the balance books at the end of the yearly business cycle.

AMD sure lacks the clout to force AIB's to take any excess GPU production like Nvidia does with its AIB "Partners" that are having to purchase Pascal along with any Turing GPUs that the AIB's really want. That's done in a Take some Excess Pascal along with the Turing or leave both ultimatum from Nvidia!

Jon Peddie Research needs to begin offering some Integrated graphics only quarterly guidance what with AMD's Raven Ridge Zen/With Integrated Vega Graphics("APUs") available from starting in Oct 2017(Ryzen/Raven Ridge Mobile) and ending with the Desktop Ryzen/Raven Ridge APUs that rolled out Jan-April 2018.

Intergated Vega Graphics is probably going to surpass Vega discrete graphics on a unit basis on those total numbers of Zen/Vega RR APU unit sales along with that semi-custom Zen/Vega Console APU helping bring those Integrated Vega unit numbers higher also. Even after Navi arrives, Zen/integrated Vega is still going to potentially represent more units for AMD's Graphics market share for a good long while before Navi begins to supplant Vega in the AMD related graphics market numbers.

I'm really interested in seeing how much of AMD's Graphics market share comes from Integrated Vega Graphics, that Chinese Semi-Custom Zen/Vega APU included. AMD will probably be getting the majority of its unit numbers growth from Vega in the consumer market on that Integrated Vega graphics that comes along for the ride with the Zen CPU cores. And that Integrated Vega Graphics is a bit more performant than Intel's current Integrated Graphics that comes along for the ride with Intel's CPU cores.

Look at Intel it has the highest GPU market numbers on Integrated graphics alone so that bodes well for AMD if Zen/Vega RR APUs can take some more of those sales from Intel. That's the largest part of the Graphics market represented by Integrated Graphics unit numbers and even those folks that game Descrete GPU Only will still have the Integrated Graphics there anyways unless they go full on HEDT.

August 31, 2018 | 07:21 PM - Posted by Rocky123 (not verified)

Just think of all that market share Intel has in graphics on paper only. Let me explain every Intel CPU as you know has a iGPU in it well on the main stream desktop that is. Then think of all of those IGPU's just sitting there doing nothing because they are not being used because the end user is using a dGPU inside their system and the Intel HD Graphics is just dormant.

It is to bad that because the Intel CPU has the iGPU inside it that this still counts as having market share just because they have the iGPU even though it is turned off but because their CPU's command such a huge market share so the their useless iGPU.

August 31, 2018 | 09:39 PM - Posted by DogFoodGraphicsFrameBufferFreeSyncPassThroughFromIntel (not verified)

Hey look maybe Intel's Integrated Graphics can drive the freesync display(Once Intel provides for the promised freesync support) with the Nvidia GPU just passing completed frames over to that Intel dogfood integrated GPU.

AND's APUs are doing just that and really most of the Online "Reporting" folks have not done their job explaining M$'s DX12 Explicit Heterogeneous Milti-GPU Adaptor capabilities. DX12 can make use of any GPU plugged into a system for Graphics/Compute workloads and Vulkan can do so in a more limited fashion with 2 GPUs of the same make. Vulkan lacks currently the ability to do Explicit Heterogeneous Milti-GPU Adaptor workloads but Khronos is working on fixing all that.

iGPUs are not totally worthless under the New DX12/Vulkan graphics APIs and hell even if the integrated GPUs shader cores are only used for physics or post processing tasks while the discrete GPU does the gaming graphics that's all good.

The Games/Gaming engine makers are too lazy/cheap and are just happy to let the GPU makers offer up increasingly powerful GPUs each year so the games makers do not have to spend the money to increase their games' performance. Most of the Tweaking cost for games makers to get their software to work with Nvidia's RTX line of GPUs is paid for by Nvidia. AMD does similar things but on less of a wide spread level ownig to AMD's lack of funds to do what Nvidia can do for games makers.

Folks should be able to plug in 2 GTX 1060s and use both for gaming under DX12 and Vulkan, no SLI brdge needed! The DX12 and Vulkan Driver model has the GPU's drivers only offering up to the Graphics APIs an ABI/Drivers interface that's as close to the metal as possible and that gives the job of managing Milti-GPUs over to the new Graphics APIs and the games makers.

Some of the online "Reporting" industry is so drunk on affiliate links/ad dollars(Toms USA) that they are more into making the biggest most expensive sales possible(Just Buy It, says Toms USA) to get those higher percentages back for the sales leads. With all the Pascal units filling the warehouses it's probably better to consider dual Pascal gaming under DX12 and Vulkan optimized gaming titles than to jump right into RTX Gaming at bleeding edge markups.

AMD's Vega Graphics should work well alongside any Vega Discrete GPU if the Games makers make use of DX12's or Vulkan's full feature sets! But you Know games makers they will not do any tweaking unless they are funded to do the tweaking or they just have no choice if the other games makers start jumping on the DX12/Vulkan optimized gaming bandwagon. AMD's Polaris and Vega SKUs are now getting below MSRP more often also so Dual GPU gaming is more affordable there also, even used GPUs are more available after the big coin minimg crash.

September 4, 2018 | 06:31 PM - Posted by chipman (not verified)

Intel should get Gary TAROLLI (i.e. 3dfx founder currently @nvidia) as its new CEO to put a serious competition in the GPU market! However, I'm afraid he soon will be a retiree.

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