Wanna bet the InfoCard holds 640K?

Subject: General Tech | February 15, 2006 - 11:53 AM |

Hopefully the idea of InfoCards in the upcoming Windows Vista replacing passwords won't prove to be as inaccurate as the famous 640K comment, though at least this time, we have Bill Gates on record, whereas the 640K quote may just be hearsay.  Read more about the new InfoCards at CNet.

"Now, with Windows Vista, Gates feels he finally has the right weapons to supplant the password as

a means of verifying who is who on computers and over the Internet.

The new operating system, due later this year, introduces a concept called InfoCards that gives

users a better way to manage the plethora of Internet login names and passwords, as well as lets

third parties help in the verification process. Vista will also make it easier to log on to PCs

using something stronger than a password alone, such as a smart card. "

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